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☀ How to start of your day on a good note ☀ – life hacks

PicMonkey CollageMornings…. ughhhhhhh. They all start with that horrendous sound coming from your alarm clock. You were just dreaming about winning the noble prize at an exclusive and exotic destination (think: Ibiza / Hawaii). Leonardo DiCaprio was about to hand out the prize to you and than suddenly… you wake up. With your eyes still shut you try to make the annoying noise stop as quick as you can. The second shiver of negativity now enters your body as you look at the time: it’s only 7 pm. Your warm and comforting bed is begging you to stay in for just a little bit longer but you actually know you have to get up or else you will be late. Worst feeling ever, I know. And it’s only just the beginning of a brand new day. What a waste to start it of on such a negative note right? I know this feeling all to well, and it even used to be worse. Here are some of my ‘morning hacks’ to make that step from your bed to the cold ground beneath you a lot easier to take. Continue reading “☀ How to start of your day on a good note ☀ – life hacks”


Music Monday

I am starting a new series, Music Monday! Every Monday I will talk about (new) music, give you some tips and more music related things, what do you think? I hope you all like this idea, please let me know if you don’t find it that exciting at all though ;)! This Monday’s post I am going to talk about two of my recent (re)discoveries; John Mayer and Ruben Hein. Both write and make very relaxing, chill, jazzy, great music with good lyrics as well. They are both so talented! So, if you’re having a lazy day, drinking a cup of tea while laying in bed or just doing nothing at all, definitely give both a listen.  Continue reading “Music Monday”

AMSTERDAM (my day in pictures)

Hi loves,

a few days ago I went to my capital, a.k.a Amsterdam. I went together with my mom, yes, you read that right. She is actually really up-to-date with the latest food-trends, cool shops, hip places and new fashion trends! So of course I had to bring her with me, she just gets me on those levels, haha. I hope this post shows you some new hotspots, or if you have never been in Amsterdam, gives you an insight of what it is like there. I could never be bored in this city, there is so much to do. So here’s what we have visited within a little less than 7 hours…

Foto 03-01-15 13 22 57 Continue reading “AMSTERDAM (my day in pictures)”

Everything I love about fall


Hi loves!
Today I’m attempting to give your negative thoughts a positive swirl, because yep, its coming. Fall is on its way!
From warm, long, relaxing days at the pool to the colder, hardworking days. I think it’s also the fact that you have to go back to school / work again, that makes the switch between the seasons so big (especially after a long time of having fun).
I feel like 80% of the world finds summer the best season, but when it comes to me, it’s always been the autumn. Why? Well here’s 9 reasons why! For more inspiration to get in the mood, click here for my fall-collection on WeHeartit! Continue reading “Everything I love about fall”

Update in Paris #2: More hotspots and pictures

Hi! How are you guys? I’m EXHAUSTED from a loooong day in Paris. I’ve been all around the place, but that only means one thing: more hotspots and pictures for you!
Continue reading “Update in Paris #2: More hotspots and pictures”

A little update in Paris: hotspots and more

Hi lovelies! Sooooo I’m in a little town next to Paris right now (which is why I haven’t blogged lately) to finally celebrate the holidays (although I have to go to school again soon 😦 )!
To be honest my favorite holiday destination will always be Italy, but you know what they say: “Paris is always a good idea!”

We’ve only been to Paris one day (yesterday), but we are planning on going another 2 days this week, yay! Although I’ve only been on one side of this big, fabulous city, I’ve got some really cool addresses for you!
Continue reading “A little update in Paris: hotspots and more”

How to get the Paris look: The Budget Way

Classy, Luxurious, Fancy, Chique and Elegant

thumb(2) thumb(13)

When I think of Parisian fashion, make-up and other typical “Parisian things”, those are the first word that pop up in my head.

Since I’m going to Paris (for the 3th time in my life) next week, I want to adjust to the ambiance and fashion there, you know, just for fun! I don’t like to be recognized as a tourist, I guess ;).

But since all the brands that are invented in France (like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.) are pretty expensive (and I’m quite poor, haha), I had to find a different way to still look fashionable and classy, yet simple and budgetproof.

So here’s my guide to the Paris-look on make-up, hair and fashion! Continue reading “How to get the Paris look: The Budget Way”

Bored in Summer? 8 things to do


“YAY, it’s summer, FREEDOM!” , you shout on the last day of school / work.

You’ve got plans for ten, but after a week or two you come to the realisation that you’re bored and have got nothing to do. Know the feeling? Well, I got you covered. Here are 8 things to do in summer (outside and inside)!


1. Okay, time to relax. No more (home)work, no more stress, you’ve got all the time! Treat yourself after all that stress you’ve been through all year. Give yourself a spa day at home! I’m talking about:

– making your own facemask by basically grabbing food from home (for example yoghurt + oat/sugar + smashed banana + honey or smashed avocado + honey + coconut oil). Yes, it’s actually that simple! It’s not only better for your skin than all that fabricated sh*t. Plus, it’s super cheap and fun! On the internet are hundreds of recipes. Some of my  favorites are this avocado mask, this strawberry acne mask and this cocoa mask.

Continue reading “Bored in Summer? 8 things to do”

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