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March playlist

Wow, March already has arrived. That went way too fast, damn. Anyway, new month, new songs, new playlist!

I’ll be updating on a daily basis, some tracks may leave, other will be added. Add me to follow the journey!



Get in the mood for autumn break

autumn 15

While the rain is pouring down in front of my window, I couldn’t be more excited right now. It’s autumn break! It’s been a hectic few months full of homework, deadlines and tests. Finally time to relax, right? I was planning on spending the days laying in bed and watching some (harry potter) movies whilst drinking chai tea. But I believe I won’t even have time for that anymore…Thankfully my schedule is filled with a lot of fun dates, and I think I am going to keep a photo diary on things I did during my autumn break. What do you guys think? I think that could be fun. I’m planning on baking pumpkin pie, meeting up with friends and visiting cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam and Arnhem. Yay! I still have got some things to do for school, but we’ll see about that later ;). Currently I’m listening to my autumn playlist (which I’ve added down below) whilst packing my bag to spend the night at my friend’s. I’m picking her up from work and than we’ll be going out for dinner. After that we’re going to chill and watch movies. So excited to see her because I haven’t in a long time!

What are your autumn break plans? 

October ’15 playlist – Have you heard these songs already?

New month, new music. Find out what I’ve been listening to lately! What’s your favourite song at the moment? x  Continue reading “October ’15 playlist – Have you heard these songs already?”

Summer memories Playlist

Every summer has its special hit songs. For example, last summer it were hits like Bailando by Enrique Eglesias, Rather Be by Clean Bandit and Summer by Calvin Harris. This summer has quite some hits as well, and in my opinion the best ones yet since a loooong time. Here are my personal favourites! The playlist will defenetaly contain summer anthems that make you want to party and make you remember the good times as well. It’s a mix of current hit songs and some of my favourites as well, because I thought that this would be a good way to recommend them. Enjoy!

Review: My Future Listography

Hi guys!


If you are into creative, fun, time-consuming notebooks (that don’t only contain blank pages), you’ve come to the right place! I bought this notebook a while ago and I’m loving it a lot! It is called “My Future Listography” and you can get it at stores like Urban Outfitters, but it is available online as well. Continue reading “Review: My Future Listography”

Music Monday: The Ultimate Happiness Overload Playlist!

If you’re still not over your winter dip, sad because you didn’t went to Coachella or maybe because it’s already over, in a bad mood because your hamster died or something else: here’s your solution my friend!

I made a playlist stuffed with 46 songs that will definitely get you smiling and dancing, wherever you are! The list not only contains ‘new hits’ such as Want to Want me, Uptown Funk and Rather Be, but also some all time favourites such as Tonight Tonight, Hey Soul Sister and P.D.A. I even have classics my MOM used to dance to when she was my age (think: Micheal Jackson, Prince and ABBA). Oh yes, I went there. There are some guilty pleasures on this playlist, but that’s half the fun right?! No no no, don’t get skeptical right now. Just give it a listen. I’m 100% sure you’ll enjoy these tracks more than you think you would. I hope you have a very joyful and happy day and may this playlist get you in an even happier state of mind, enjoy loves!


If you’re on Bloglovin’ right now, check out this link:

My Christmas Playlist


Recently I made a Spotify Christmas Playlist with a lot of christmas songs (some from Frozen included 😉 ) on it. I wanted to share it with you guys because this might help you to get in the christmas mood (even more). Let me know if there are songs that are still missing on this playlist, I kinda have a feeling that I did forget some songs, but I don’t know which ones. Have fun listening and enjoy!

  Continue reading “My Christmas Playlist”

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