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Celeb Street Style // Autumn Edition

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Celebrity Streetstyle Inspiration – Edgy // Casual

Yes! It’s the first episode of a new serie called Celebrity Streetsyle Inspiration! I have always loved scrolling through magazines, getting inspired by not only the red carpets, but also street looks of stars. To kick this serie of I sorted out some edgy, ‘cool’ yet quite casual looks to hopefully get you inspired with! A fashion look from April 2015 featuring lips makeup. Browse and shop related looks. Continue reading “Celebrity Streetstyle Inspiration – Edgy // Casual”

Dear Future Me…

Hi loves,

Today I decided to do something a little more personal. I’ve wanted to do this for a little while now but I’ve never really took the time to just sit down and write. I am writing this to my 10 year older self, so that’s when I’ll be 26. Here it goes…


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Greece Inspiration Post (what I still need to buy)

Hi loves! Sooo since I will be going to Greece with my friend this year, I couldn’t wait no longer and just had to think about what I am going to wear and I just already had to plan my outfits through. This is not everything I am going to pack of course, but some of these essentials are things I still need to buy and with a collage like this I thought it would make everything a little easier. Not only for me hopefully, because I hope that this will also get you in that ‘summermood’ and give you some inspiration for going on a long vacation to a warm country… I mean, that’s all we ever need right now, isn’t it? These harshful winterdays are killing me… I can’t thake it no longer. That’s probably why I already made a collage like this perhaps, oops. Don’t blame it on me, blame it on the winter!
Greece Needs & Inspiration

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10 Dream Destinations… #travelinspiration

Hi loves!

I am absolutely fond of traveling. Discovering new places, hotspots, learning new habits from the locals, getting to know more people, making memories, experiencing unusual things, eating new food, I love it all! I don’t really get the change to travel a lot because I am still in high school, but that doesn’t keep me away from planning every single country, city or even island I would like to go to in a few years! I do already know two countries I will be visiting this year: Greece and Italy. I am already beyond excited; every single day I think at least twice about going there, the outfits I will be wearing and the instagram pictures I’d love to capture there (a little crazy, I know). But since I do have to wait quite a while before that’ll happen, I decided to make a little list of ten magical places I think everyone should visit (at least) once in their lives… here we go!     Natural Beauty ~ ★ Continue reading “10 Dream Destinations… #travelinspiration”

2 0 1 5

Happy new year everyone, let’s bring it on!


I hope you all are going to experience a very exciting, happy, suprising and glorious 2015 and I wish you may all make more friends, memories, do whatever you want and deserve everything what you’ve worked for! Maybe you are about to stop drinking or start working out more, whatever. That’s good, it is good to improve your life and to do things that make you proud of yourself. But, remember these two things:

1. It is okay if you won’t succeed directly

Definitaly do not expect January 1st to go flawless: you need to adjust to your new habits or routine and it is almost inhuman to be able to do everything directly perfect. Don’t think: “Oh shit, it is the first day of the new year and I already ate something that’s stuffed with carbs and sugars. Well, screw it. If not now, than I might as well give up already!”

NO! It is completely okay if you have some downfalls here and there, especially in the beginning (and especially when there is still so much good food left to eat from the party of course). Just take the time, you’ll get there!

2. You can start making a change every day

People tend to think that January 1st is the only date to change their way of living. No, it is not! You can start making yourself more happier right now, every single day! Don’t give up if January 1st didn’t go as planned, tomorrow a new attempt, right? Every morning there’s another chance for you, another day to live, another day to accomplish new things and discover, explore and have fun!

I hope this little ‘motivation/inspiration/wisdom-rant’ helped you start working on your goals and begin the new year in a promising good way!

And don’t worry, even though things won’t be easy sometimes, you can get there! Because if not today, why tomorrow?

What are your resolutions?

Apartment inspiration / goals

Hi loves!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been around for a little while. I was busy with a test-week I had at my school. It went pretty good thankfully! However, enough about school. Let’s talk about something way more fun: home fashion and interior. I’ve always been really keen on styling and decorating my room, and my dream is to live in a cute and pretty little apartment nearby the city. I hope to be living in one of those in a year or two, and well, what can I say? You can never start to early on brainstorming about such things, am I right? So if you are like me and also will be living in an apartment in a few years, or, you are already a proud owner of your own little place, and you need some inspiration, then keep on reading!

I really want to live in either Amsterdam, New York, Paris, London but somewhere in Italy would also be really nice.

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