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All-time favorite Amsterdam hotspots

Once in a while, I go to my favorite city here in the Netherlands: Amsterdam. It still is probably the best city to shop and eat in the whole world, if you’d ask me. Since I’ve been there quite some times now, I sort of have collected some go-to spots that I’ll never skip again when I’m there. Because I know that most of you don’t live around there and don’t have the chance to explore the city for days and days, I thought I’d help you out! To guarantee you of a fun, exciting day in Amsterdam; contemplate visiting these next spots:

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September favourites!

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Hi loves!

How has your month been going? Mine has been preeetty busy, but I decided to keep on blogging even though school has returned and has taken every single spare minute with it :(. Want to know what products I’ve been using and what other things I’ve been obsessing over this month? Keep on reading to find out… Continue reading “September favourites!”

4 Super healthy and delicious breakfast bowl recipes!


Hi lovelies!

Here I am once again with something that has to do with food. What can I say, I don’t live on it, I live for it. Haha. But let’s be serious: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and therefore it demands to be digested rightly. Oatmeal is a great choice since it fills you up and it keeps you stuffed for hours! No early snacking before having lunch anymore. However, you don’t even necessarily have to use oatmeal in all of the recipes below, it is up to you. What each bowl at least contains are super foods and yummy and energizing fruits that are super good for you. Keep on reading to find out what the ingredients and heavenly combinations are. Get inspired (and excited) for these four “power bowls”. Enjoy! Continue reading “4 Super healthy and delicious breakfast bowl recipes!”

Quinoa Sushi Bowl Recipe

Woah, another recipe already? You could think I’m in a cooking mood, but nothing is like it seems: I had to, since my mother has been sick lately. However, I must admit I didn’t really mind cooking today since I could choose what I wanted to cook, muwhahaha. So, inmediately I thought of this: a sushi bowl! It is healthy, delicious and easier to make than “real” sushi rolls. It won’t take a lot of effort and only takes a little time to make. And since it is quite fresh and “green”, it is idealic for spring!

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Holy Quacamole! (Recipe de la familia te Maarssen)

Hola! Como estás mis amigos? There is one thing that you should know about me: ME GUSTA QUACAMOLE! Really, it is my obsession. It is healthy, tasty, rich and smooth. At my mother’s house, we eat it on a weekly basis (most times even twice a week!). So, I could say my mother, brother and I may or may not all have mastered the making of the holy dip itself: quacamole. And today I am going to share our take at it! Vamos…

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AMSTERDAM (my day in pictures)

Hi loves,

a few days ago I went to my capital, a.k.a Amsterdam. I went together with my mom, yes, you read that right. She is actually really up-to-date with the latest food-trends, cool shops, hip places and new fashion trends! So of course I had to bring her with me, she just gets me on those levels, haha. I hope this post shows you some new hotspots, or if you have never been in Amsterdam, gives you an insight of what it is like there. I could never be bored in this city, there is so much to do. So here’s what we have visited within a little less than 7 hours…

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These are a few of my (current) favourite things… #1


Hi everyone! How’s your Sunday going? I got up late, relaxed, had a brunch and drank some coffee, made pictures for this post and worked on a few things I needed to do for school. Today I’m going to talk about some things I’ve been really enjoying lately and wanted to share with you guys! I’ve divided the list in multiple catagories, to make it a little easier. Also, not everything I’m going to talk about is photographed in the picture above. Keep reading to figure out what I recommend! Continue reading “These are a few of my (current) favourite things… #1”

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