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24 Hours in Arnhem – Hotspots (fall edition)


Hi guys!

Although I technically don’t live in Arnhem anymore, it still feels like my hometown. I love sharing hotspots and since fall is my favourite time of the year (what a surprise). Eventbrite helps me to find things happening in my hometown so I was inspired to make this post guide on ‘autumn-like’ things to do in Arnhem. They also allow their users to sell their own events tickets here! Me and my mom went to some cute places today and I took some pictures to share them with you! Here we go… Continue reading “24 Hours in Arnhem – Hotspots (fall edition)”


Celeb Street Style // Autumn Edition

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Jessica Alba – Emily ratajkowski – Vanessa Hudgens  Continue reading “Celeb Street Style // Autumn Edition”

Get in the mood for autumn break

autumn 15

While the rain is pouring down in front of my window, I couldn’t be more excited right now. It’s autumn break! It’s been a hectic few months full of homework, deadlines and tests. Finally time to relax, right? I was planning on spending the days laying in bed and watching some (harry potter) movies whilst drinking chai tea. But I believe I won’t even have time for that anymore…Thankfully my schedule is filled with a lot of fun dates, and I think I am going to keep a photo diary on things I did during my autumn break. What do you guys think? I think that could be fun. I’m planning on baking pumpkin pie, meeting up with friends and visiting cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam and Arnhem. Yay! I still have got some things to do for school, but we’ll see about that later ;). Currently I’m listening to my autumn playlist (which I’ve added down below) whilst packing my bag to spend the night at my friend’s. I’m picking her up from work and than we’ll be going out for dinner. After that we’re going to chill and watch movies. So excited to see her because I haven’t in a long time!

What are your autumn break plans? 

Street style #4 – Autumn edition

Buongiorno guys! So as you are reading this, I’m probably eating a pizza, taking selfies with a statue or hanging out at the pool / beach right now. Yep, I’m on vacation in Italy! And of course there will be a photo diary coming up on the blog about it with all the details and errthang! But before that time, here’s another episode of Celeb Street Style. This time I also added some (unknown) bloggers to the mix, because I simply just couldn’t leave them out. Enjoy!

 Kendall Jenn Continue reading “Street style #4 – Autumn edition”

Favourite Fall Trends

Yes, I’m aware that we are still in the middle of summer but as you know, fashion land is always 5 months ahead. The fall collections and runway looks are already coming up and while looking trough Lookbook I spotted some upcoming trends which I wanted to share with you guys! So hereby I dedicate this post to my favourite items for fall and all the trends that come with it. Enjoy! Some of them are new, some of them are reoccurring since last year. 

TIPHAINE  MARIE - Skirt, Sweater, Sunglasses - Chunky knit & suede skirt  Tiphaine M.  Continue reading “Favourite Fall Trends”

All About Autumn Tag [2014]

Hi loves! As you couldn’t tell already, I’m pretty much obsessed with fall. So, I yet again couldn’t resist myself and that’s why I had to do this tag. I loved anwsering these questions, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it! Let’s get started, shall we?

(I also emblemed my autumn playlist for you guys! If you want to, you could listen to this while reading this post perhaps? )
Continue reading “All About Autumn Tag [2014]”

Everything I love about fall


Hi loves!
Today I’m attempting to give your negative thoughts a positive swirl, because yep, its coming. Fall is on its way!
From warm, long, relaxing days at the pool to the colder, hardworking days. I think it’s also the fact that you have to go back to school / work again, that makes the switch between the seasons so big (especially after a long time of having fun).
I feel like 80% of the world finds summer the best season, but when it comes to me, it’s always been the autumn. Why? Well here’s 9 reasons why! For more inspiration to get in the mood, click here for my fall-collection on WeHeartit! Continue reading “Everything I love about fall”

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