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The 500 best places on the planet… Ultimate Travelist


So quite a while ago I purchased this book from lonely planet at Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam. That particular day, it was raining, the book was heavy (so it eventually broke through the weak carton bag) and it costed about 30 euros, but once I had laid my eyes on the stunning pictures of these beautiful places, I could just not not bring it home with me.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Continue reading “The 500 best places on the planet… Ultimate Travelist”


All-time favorite Amsterdam hotspots

Once in a while, I go to my favorite city here in theΒ Netherlands: Amsterdam. It still is probably the best city to shop and eat in the whole world, if you’d ask me. Since I’ve been there quite some times now, I sort of have collected some go-to spots that I’ll never skip again when I’m there. Because I know that most of you don’t live around there and don’t have the chance to explore the city for days and days, I thought I’d help you out! To guarantee you of a fun, exciting day in Amsterdam; contemplate visiting these next spots:

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February Playlist

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spring vibes

spring vibes
I admit that I’m one of the few people who actually like the winter time, but this year I’m already done with the cold. Give me sunshine, flowers and festivals: SPRING please! In pre-celebration, here a little lookbook for some inspiration. X

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2016 words to live by

Happy 2016! Long time no see, people of the internet. Yes, I am still totally going to blame this on the huge workload of school. Anyways, 2015 has thaught me some stuff, which I can use to improve myself this year. Here’s what I think everyone has to keep in mind:

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Italy iPhone Photo Diary – Part 2

Foto 14-08-15 19 20 30

Ciao guys! By the time you’re reading this, I’m already home, mentally preparing myself for school and such, but I hope that you can dream away with me during this blogpost full of Italian memories… Enjoy! Continue reading “Italy iPhone Photo Diary – Part 2”

Summer memories Playlist

Every summer has its special hit songs. For example, last summer it were hits like Bailando by Enrique Eglesias, Rather Be by Clean Bandit and Summer by Calvin Harris. This summer has quite some hits as well, and in my opinion the best ones yet since a loooong time. Here are my personal favourites! The playlist will defenetaly contain summer anthems that make you want to party and make you remember the good times as well. It’s a mix of current hit songs and some of my favourites as well, because I thought that this would be a good way to recommend them. Enjoy!

An Italian Afternoon

An Italian Afternoon


Sooo, my exams are finished already?! Yup, I still can’t really believe it myself. Some went worse than expected, some went really well. So I’m quite satisfied in general, but at the same time I have this really weird feeling. Mixed emotions all the way. I can’t believe that all these 5 years suddenly have come to an end. I kind of feel useless, like I don’t have a goal to strive for. But at the same time, I feel free as ever! And since I will have a lot more time the upcoming months I can focus more on my blog! Whoohoo! 

What do you guys want to read / see more of? I’m planning on posting OOTD’s, DIY’s a new serie called sneaky snippets in my life and much more content that I’m excited to share with you! Goodbye for now and I’ll talk too you soon! 


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