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The 500 best places on the planet… Ultimate Travelist


So quite a while ago I purchased this book from lonely planet at Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam. That particular day, it was raining, the book was heavy (so it eventually broke through the weak carton bag) and it costed about 30 euros, but once I had laid my eyes on the stunning pictures of these beautiful places, I could just not not bring it home with me.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Continue reading “The 500 best places on the planet… Ultimate Travelist”


12 places that proof there is Heaven on Earth

 Coral Reef, Australia Continue reading “12 places that proof there is Heaven on Earth”

All-time favorite Amsterdam hotspots

Once in a while, I go to my favorite city here in the Netherlands: Amsterdam. It still is probably the best city to shop and eat in the whole world, if you’d ask me. Since I’ve been there quite some times now, I sort of have collected some go-to spots that I’ll never skip again when I’m there. Because I know that most of you don’t live around there and don’t have the chance to explore the city for days and days, I thought I’d help you out! To guarantee you of a fun, exciting day in Amsterdam; contemplate visiting these next spots:

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Italy iPhone Photo Diary – Part 1

Hi guys!! As you can tell I’m finally in Italy right now (I’ve literally waited for this vacation the whole damn year). If you are curious what places we visit, what hotspots to go to, what food to eat and just my journal there in overall, keep reading! We will be staying in Tuscany for two weeks. But the first two nights we will be staying at Lago Como in the North of Italy, where huge stars such as George Clooney, David Beckham, Madonna and Donatella Versace have a villa! So stay tuned, because there is a change I might bump into someone and have a coffee chat with him/her 😉 just kidding. But if we must believe the housekeeper, George’s house is on the other side of the lake. I’ll show a picture if I spot it!

Foto 11-08-15 09 29 07 Continue reading “Italy iPhone Photo Diary – Part 1”

My Travel Listography Review

Hi guys!

So earlier I wrote a review about my future Listography and I was totally raving about it. I just got this one in addition for my birthday because people know me: I like to travel. And I like making to-do lists as well, so am I as enthusiastic about this Listography as the previous one? Find out by reading more…
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10 Dream Destinations… #travelinspiration

Hi loves!

I am absolutely fond of traveling. Discovering new places, hotspots, learning new habits from the locals, getting to know more people, making memories, experiencing unusual things, eating new food, I love it all! I don’t really get the change to travel a lot because I am still in high school, but that doesn’t keep me away from planning every single country, city or even island I would like to go to in a few years! I do already know two countries I will be visiting this year: Greece and Italy. I am already beyond excited; every single day I think at least twice about going there, the outfits I will be wearing and the instagram pictures I’d love to capture there (a little crazy, I know). But since I do have to wait quite a while before that’ll happen, I decided to make a little list of ten magical places I think everyone should visit (at least) once in their lives… here we go!     Natural Beauty ~ ★ Continue reading “10 Dream Destinations… #travelinspiration”

AMSTERDAM (my day in pictures)

Hi loves,

a few days ago I went to my capital, a.k.a Amsterdam. I went together with my mom, yes, you read that right. She is actually really up-to-date with the latest food-trends, cool shops, hip places and new fashion trends! So of course I had to bring her with me, she just gets me on those levels, haha. I hope this post shows you some new hotspots, or if you have never been in Amsterdam, gives you an insight of what it is like there. I could never be bored in this city, there is so much to do. So here’s what we have visited within a little less than 7 hours…

Foto 03-01-15 13 22 57 Continue reading “AMSTERDAM (my day in pictures)”

Update in Paris #2: More hotspots and pictures

Hi! How are you guys? I’m EXHAUSTED from a loooong day in Paris. I’ve been all around the place, but that only means one thing: more hotspots and pictures for you!
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A little update in Paris: hotspots and more

Hi lovelies! Sooooo I’m in a little town next to Paris right now (which is why I haven’t blogged lately) to finally celebrate the holidays (although I have to go to school again soon 😦 )!
To be honest my favorite holiday destination will always be Italy, but you know what they say: “Paris is always a good idea!”

We’ve only been to Paris one day (yesterday), but we are planning on going another 2 days this week, yay! Although I’ve only been on one side of this big, fabulous city, I’ve got some really cool addresses for you!
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