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30 things I’m grateful for (and so should you)

I wholeheartly believe that if you want to achieve and attract certain things in your life, you should be thankful for what you’ve got first. However, sometimes coming up with those points can be a hard job. Therefore it’s always convenient to have something to look up and read for some inspiration on things to be grateful for. Everytime you’ll look at it, it will help you. These are some of the things I’m grateful for, from big to small. Do we have some similar points? Keep on reading to find out!


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17 and a health-freak #help

Dear readers,

most people in my environment know by now that I prefer healthy, organic meals over a Big Mac. I’ve been into the ‘healthy’ kind of nutrition for some years now, but it’s only until quite recently that people actually know that about me. All of this, because I always was afraid to tell my friends that I’d rather not go for the cheap, junk-food option; which is, in most cases, something likeΒ the McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong, at the age of 14 I looooved those big brownies and greasy pizza’s, just like everybody else does (if not more than average). But at the end of the day, it made me feel gross (aside from the upset hormones within my body of course).Β  Continue reading “17 and a health-freak #help”

2016 words to live by

Happy 2016! Long time no see, people of the internet. Yes, I am still totally going to blame this on the huge workload of school. Anyways, 2015 has thaught me some stuff, which I can use to improve myself this year. Here’s what I think everyone has to keep in mind:

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Get in the mood for autumn break

autumn 15

While the rain is pouring down in front of my window, I couldn’t be more excited right now. It’s autumn break! It’s been a hectic few months full of homework, deadlines and tests. Finally time to relax, right? I was planning on spending the days laying in bed and watching some (harry potter) movies whilst drinking chai tea. But I believe I won’t even have time for that anymore…Thankfully my schedule is filled with a lot of fun dates, and I think I am going to keep a photo diary on things I did during my autumn break. What do you guys think? I think that could be fun. I’m planning on baking pumpkin pie, meeting up with friends and visiting cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam and Arnhem. Yay! I still have got some things to do for school, but we’ll see about that later ;). Currently I’m listening to my autumn playlistΒ (which I’ve added down below) whilst packing my bag to spend the night at my friend’s. I’m picking her up from work and than we’ll be going out for dinner. After that we’re going to chill and watch movies. So excited to see her because I haven’t in a long time!

What are your autumn break plans?Β 

The Movie Tag – Movie Monday

Movie (and Music) Monday is back!!! And what better to celebrate it with than a movie tag? I got this tag randomly from the internet and I tag you all to do this as well. I love reading what others choose to answer. Curious what my answers are? Keep on reading…

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The mini-me tag

Hi guys! So I was looking trough some old pictures, notebooks and drawings from me when I was in kindergarten, and I couldn’t help but giggle a lot. My mindset was so different back then! Suddenly I came up with an idea: a tag including quite normal questions that you have to answer as the 6 year old kid you were back in the days! So if you’re doing this tag with me, let your imagination, memories and inner childish mindset roll and don’t think too long about what you want to answer (trust me, the inner child KNOWS). Ps: I just realized that this is secretly partly the 90’s tag because, well just take a look at the answers.. Nostalgia all the way!

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Sneaky Snippets in Kos, Greece #2

Hi hi! Welcome to part 2 of the photo diary from me and my friend in the island of Kos, Greece. I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

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Sneaky Snippets in Kos, Greece #1

Hi everyone!

I’m back in The Netherlands and although I missed my family and my bed, I really want to stay there for a week more! I went with one of my best friends and we had so much fun together. Not only is Kos a great holiday destination for tanning on the beach and going out at night, it also has really pretty and cute areas. The perfect balance if you’d ask me. Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures with flowers, food and selfies!

Day 1

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Foto 31-05-15 14 20 41

I actually ‘started the day’ at an Ariana Grande concert with my other friend in Amsterdam, so I already was pretty tired when I had to hop on the plane 13 hours later. Although it may not seem like I was tired on the other picture with me, my friend and my little sister on our way to the airport. The 2 cups of coffee helped me lots, I assume.

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My Life in 20 Questions – Tag

So just like most days, immediately after I woke up I went on Bloglovin’ to see what I missed (okay, after a Instagram check first of course) and when I saw this tag on Lifesplash I knew I wanted to do it as well.

A couple of hours later, I’m sitting behind my notebook with a cup of tea, about to do this thang (err, tag)! Let’s go!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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