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Organic Skincare Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta

Looking for a natural skincare range with interesting ingredients such as shea butter, babassu, avocado and rosehip? Maybe the brand Rio Rosa Mosqueta is perfect for you! The name of the brand is basically the name of there base-ingredient: rosehips from the rose Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa, originating from the Chilean Andes Mountains. *I’m not sponsored to write this post, I have just got 3 items that I would like to share with you*

A dermatologist once told me that it’s better for your skin to stick to just one range of products when it comes to skincare. This will make it easier for your skin to work along. I own the exfoliator, the cream cleanser and the moisturizing cream. Let’s review them, shall we? Continue reading “Organic Skincare Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta”


Some stuff I’ve been obsessed with lately


Hi loves! Here’s a little post on a few random things I’ve been loving the past weeks. Everyting mentioned here I totally recommend you to use (okay, maybe except for the socks). It ranges from beauty to food to lifestyle, so keep reading! Continue reading “Some stuff I’ve been obsessed with lately”

spring vibes

spring vibes
I admit that I’m one of the few people who actually like the winter time, but this year I’m already done with the cold. Give me sunshine, flowers and festivals: SPRING please! In pre-celebration, here a little lookbook for some inspiration. X

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The M.A.C hype: yay or nay?

It seems like M.A.C lipsticks are taking over the world! I may be a little ‘late to the party’ but I just never took the time to go ‘make-up shopping’ in general, I guess. But when I finally went into a drugstore and saw the special, new M.A.C zone they had, I became more curious than ever. So I bought one myself and for my birthday I asked for one. The two shades I have got are called Faux and Captive. Both cost around 19 euros, so keep reading to find out if they are worth the money (in my opinion)…  Continue reading “The M.A.C hype: yay or nay?”

Have I found the best Naked eyeshadow palette dupe? 

Hi guys!

I just got this palette from the brand w7: In the buff in the shades ‘Lightly Toasted’ because it reminded me so much of the NAKED series. Because this one is much cheaper and I love brown, natural colors I wanted to get this pretty bad! And since I don’t really own that much eye shadow, I thought: why not?

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3x Dr. van der Hoog face-masks review

Hey everyone!


What is a better way to give your skin a treatment and getting yourself ready for that hot summer weather than putting on a facial mask? That’s right, nothing.

I was in the store about a week ago and I picked up these three masks of the dr. van der Hoog face-masks products. They had more but these 3 seemed the most interesting to me. By now I have tried them all out and I wanted to share you my experiences with them since you might be interested in them as well! Which one is my fave and which one wasn’t that great? You’ll see… The ones I am going to review for you are Funny Figs, Lush Lava and Sensational Sea Alge (already loving the names because of the alliterations, haha!).  Continue reading “3x Dr. van der Hoog face-masks review”

Catastrophe Cosmetic from Lush (review)

Hi everyone!

Today I have another Lush review for you, because well, you can never have to much Lush in your life, right? The product I am going to tell you some about is a mask made out of blueberries, camille, and soft rinsing calamine-powder. This has a purifying and calming effect on your skin (because of the healing powers of the calamine, the antioxidants of the blueberry and the soothing effect from the camille). It also is a really good remedy against pimples and rosacea (couperose in Dutch, it means red cheeks and/or visible adders in short terms). At least, that is what Lush promises, but did they really keep their promises that well?

IMG_7245    IMG_7246 Continue reading “Catastrophe Cosmetic from Lush (review)”

Lush products: A random review

lush 1 lush 2

Hi there! Today I’m going to review all the Lush products I have in my possesion right now. Don’t worry, it’s not that much ;). I am going to review Ocean Salt, Rub Rub Rub, Popcorn and Whoosh.

I L O V E the Lush (their bathbombs are, literally, THA BOMB)! In fact, it’s one of my favorite stores. To start with that recognizable smell when you walk in, oh my. Actually, now that I think of it, I need to take a visit again soon.

Before we begin, yes, I also photographed another Lush product (the pink jelly one) in the pictures above, but I’m not going to review that one since it’s not in stores anymore. I also have a soap from the Lush, but yet again, it’s not in stock anymore, at least not on the internet. If you want a review about those two, leave a comment below! Let’s get started.

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