I’m a big believer of always starting within the inside, if you want to really change something. You can use this ‘rule’ for (almost) every aspect of life; such as relationships, school
results, happiness, your mental state and of course, your health. I’m going to talk about health, and since that’s a very specific subject, skincare specifically. Make-up can superficially enhance your appearance  of course, but that doesn’t really last longer than a day, does it? However, for a 24/7 natural glow and a smooth, balanced skin-tone, you need to dig deeper. Of course, a good cleanser, tonic and moisturizer can do wonders on helping you out. But to efficiently treat a specific skin-problem, you’re gonna have to go back to the roots

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor inside outside quoteBy now most of us know that a healthy diet doesn’t only affect your wellbeing as far as a healthy weight and other physical parts of your body go, but it can affect your mind (yes, because raw and organic foods don’t contain any chemicals and other ‘health-damagers‘), hair and skin as well. Eating clean, that means eating your veggies, fruit and nuts basically improves literally everything within your body. So why not use that wisdom to achieve that perfect, flawless looking skin? Not even talking about all the other beneficial effects it has on your energy-level and health.

How to get there:nuts.com_summer_glow_x2_v04 (1)

To get that optimal radiant looking skin, choose your food wisely. Some products contain even more vital vitamines and nutrients that are especially good for your facial skin. Some of the most used products are mentioned in the list, provided by nuts.com. All of these
superfoods are easy to incorporate within your diet, without making a big change. This is an example of how I usually combine them in my diet: I always make a fruit / smoothie bowl (basically the same, just blended) for breakfast in which I add blueberries, chia seeds, goji berries and cacao nibs / walnuts / almonds to make it a bit less sweet and give the taste a bit of ‘polarity’, as you could say. This makes the fruits taste come out even more! For a great gut health (FYI: your gut is what you really want to focus on for a better resistance against inflammation and bad bacteria), drink a hot (or cold, just as some ice cubes, mint leaves and coconut water) matcha green tea. You could use the cacao nibs, goji berries, walnuts and almonds to make into a quick snack as well, as they tent to stay good quite a long time. As far as dinner goes, kale and spinach go with a lot and are very variable since you could also use them in a green juice, for instance.

You see, eating green and keeping your skin clean isn’t as hard as it all seems. Let me know what food you found out works for your skin, has it cleared any problem area you used to have? I’m very curious about getting to know more superfoods that I could use and share with you guys!

Have a great day!