So quite a while ago I purchased this book from lonely planet at Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam. That particular day, it was raining, the book was heavy (so it eventually broke through the weak carton bag) and it costed about 30 euros, but once I had laid my eyes on the stunning pictures of these beautiful places, I could just not not bring it home with me.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The book is divided in 5 sections of 100 places each. With every number there is some fun and good-to-know information added, written in an original way. You also always get a tip called ‘see it’ with every picture (so that you know where you absolutely have to visit once you’re there). I just love everything about this book: not only the amazing photographs, but the lay-out and extra content as well. It’s not only a good, inspiring read, but a piece of decoration as well. Definitely worth the money, you can really tell that there has been put in so much effort for creating this a whole (also, where can I find a job like that? SIGN ME UP).

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The only little point I have to add is that not every spot is privileged with it’s own picture. This way not every spot gets as much attention as the others, which may make it more likely to skip reading about it (even though it’s a very special place as well). Now I do understand that there is not enough place for every picture, and the quality of the other pictures make more than up for it.

Some of the places in the book that have inspired me to go to, are: Halong Bay (Vietnam), Ko Tao (Thailand), Palenque (Mexico) and the number #1 spot: Temples of Angkor (Ambodia). There is more than usual written about this holy place and now I absolutely need to go there ASAP. What is the most magical place you’ve ever been to / are longing to go to? Please let me know, so that we can inspire each other! Have a great day 🙂