Still speechless since two days ago… Prince was is my mother’s greatest idol and therefore he has also been an important part of my life as well. Just last summer we were still jamming to his new album Art Official Age in the car all the time. It looked like he was getting back on track, and he definitely wasn’t retiring at all. He still had so much to offer (people say he has more than 200 unreleased albums stocked in his studio in Minneapolis). What’s also very contradicting, is the fact that he was so young and healthy (he lives a super clean live). He had a never ending source of energy and was probably always living his life to the fullest. Prince was definitely a great inspiration for getting away with dressing like a woman every so often. He made androgen-men seem sexy. All of this together makes it such an unbelievable shock to think that he just isn’t with us on earth anymore.IMG_7375


Before I drop some facts about the oddity of his sudden death, I just wanted to point out that he was truly one of, if not the most, talented musicians on earth. He could play almost every instrument, could sing higher than most girls do and is just a natural in every way possible (the man can dance). I belief every concert he has ever given has left a huge impact on each person that has been to one. The artist has always been pretty mysterious and private about his personal life. He didn’t want his music to be put on the internet and turned down a lot of interviews since he has had some bad experiences with the phoniness of the media. Therefore, he always remained very vague and impulsive. They say he often only slept about 4 hours a night, because whenever he suddenly had a musical brain-wave, he calls his band and they are obligated to turn up ASAP to practice with him until the sunrise. Some more fun and very interesting facts about Prince:

  • He was a vegan
  • He hilariously has kicked Kim K of his stage once after inviting her up, but she didn’t dance along
  • He had a son, but he died after 1 week because of the Pfeiffer disease
  • He was obsessed with doves
  • He appeared in one episode of the ever hilarious series ‘New Girl’. He asked it himself, since he was such a fan of the show
  • He adored Europe and often gave very short-term announced performances in some relatively unknown concert halls there
  • He ‘invented’ using symbolic language like (2=to, u=you, 4=for, eye=I)
  • He likes to help out unknown artists
  • He basically invented the popular term: “this could be us but u be playin”. The song ‘this could be us’ is featured on one of his latest albums called Art Official Age.
  • Lianne La Havas features on quite some songs on that album as well!
  • Especially later in his life, he took his steps down the spiritual path
  • If you hadn’t noticed yet, his favourite colour is purple
  • He has raised awareness by warning us all on the health-disturbing chem trials. I really recommend you watch this short interview here.

Prince Roger Nelson was a very special human being, I think we all can agree about that. What’s very suspicious, is that on his second-latest instagram picture the caption ‘JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SAFE’ was deleted shortly after his death. He also told the public ‘to save your prayers for me for a few days later’ about a week ago at his last concert in his hometown Minneapolis. Personally, I don’t believe a thing about the whole flu/drug overdose cause of his death. To stress it once again, he was a very healthy human with a lot of knowledge and power. He obviously knew more about this world. If you listen to some of his lyrics and pay more attention to his album cover art, you discover a lot of symbolic lines and images. Quite a few songs contain lines where he complains about the current society we live in (e.i: some lines of his recent song Clouds (ft. Lianne La Havas):’In this brand new age we do everything guick, fast, in a hurry. All of our life’s a stage’.

RIP Prince, it was definitely too early for you to be at rest now, but I reckon that you’re probably partying on a cloud above us right now.