Hi loves! Here’s a little post on a few random things I’ve been loving the past weeks. Everyting mentioned here I totally recommend you to use (okay, maybe except for the socks). It ranges from beauty to food to lifestyle, so keep reading!


I’ve always been obsessed with almond butter, but I wanted to try out something new. This cashew butter is very smooth and rich. I love to eat it together with a date (best combo ever). I won’t say that I like it more than almond butter, but it’s an absolute great substitute!


This Korean (!) bamboo charcoal  detox sponge cleanser from Sponge Me is life. The packaging looked so promising (bamboo and charcoal should fight the acne and purify your skin). The sponge is surprisinly soft and effective. I’m never using anyting other than this to wash my face with again. It’s also quite cheap; 9,95 euro. You can use it for 2 to 3 months.


These raw superfood bars from Roo’bar are just really good. Word. I especially really like the chia coconut one. School break must have!


Maybe it’s because of the fact that I used a really crappy drugstore concealer before I got this from my mom, or this concealer is just really good. It gets the job done and feels very soft and natural on the face. I like!


Uhm… yes, these really are avocado socks. No, I’m not 12 anymore. For everyone who’s interested (and I know you are): these are from the Monki. Go get ’em fast, because they currently have a 3 for 2 action going on.



I finally got a new beach/salt spray. And what better brand to use then Aussie to get that beautiful beach babe wave? That’s right, none. Must say the smell ain’t bad as well.


I was at this really cool concept store in Haarlem and the place smelled so good. Turned out it where these kind of candles from meraki. Look at that clean packaging! I’m a fan. I mean, it’s a multifunctional product since you could use the can as decor, right?


Since january 1st,  I’ve been loving this pretty 2016 calender from Flow every single day. The cute little illustrations are way too cute and the message behind them is just as adorable. Every day has a ‘little thing’ to brighten your day a bit more. I wish I could show you the gorgeous fond but unfortunately it obviously  already has been ripped off.

Other things I’ve been loving but have not captured:

  • Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Sweet and Mashable on Snapchat (they never fail to make my day)
  • Bodycombat classes (combination of cardio, kickboxing and dance)
  • Modern family season 6 (I watch it with my fam so we’re a little behind)
  • Horoscope app for iPhone (true or not, I honestly don’t care)
  • My march playlist on Spotify

What have you been obsessed with lately? Let me know!