Once in a while, I go to my favorite city here in the Netherlands: Amsterdam. It still is probably the best city to shop and eat in the whole world, if you’d ask me. Since I’ve been there quite some times now, I sort of have collected some go-to spots that I’ll never skip again when I’m there. Because I know that most of you don’t live around there and don’t have the chance to explore the city for days and days, I thought I’d help you out! To guarantee you of a fun, exciting day in Amsterdam; contemplate visiting these next spots:


  • Let’s take the Central Station as our start, shall we? The first thing I always think of when I arrive, is: COFFEE. Most times we go straight to Vinnies (Haarlemmerstraat), a healthy yet delicious lunchroom. The space is very cute and vintage-like, but pretty small as well. It’s a good thing they now have another location as well! Since it has drastically been getting more public, you have to be a bit early in order to go have some lunch there. After waiting next to the salad-bar, already knowing what I’m going to order, I take place and order my coffee. Around that time, my stomach is ready for lunch, so most times have a sandwich/salad. However, if there is no space left for you and you really want something to eat, don’t worry, because in this area of Amsterdam you will find plenty other lunchrooms like this around!
  • After having reloaded my energy, it is time to go explore the 9 streets. All of the following spots are very close to Vinnies. I’ll try to keep them in the right order, so that you can save time as much time as possible. Below I’ll name some of them:
  • SuhkaHaarlemmerstraat (literally a few doors next to Vinnies)
  • Stach –  Haarlemmerstraat: for delicious, healthy and goodlooking (go-to) food
  • MarqtHaarlemmerstraat: literally an all-healthy supermarket
  • Run to Pluk or The Juice Brothers for a green juice or fruity smoothie
  • I basically want to pick the 9 streets as a collective name for all the cute stores in that particular area. Definitely spend most of your time here if you’re looking for high quality, pretty, less commercial shops (such as Episode and Mint Mini Hall).

If you’re looking for more semi-mainstream, ‘big’ brands that are located at the Kalverstraat:

  • Pull and Bear
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Monki
  • Topshop
  • & other Stories
  • Kiehls and Lush for the best skincare products

At the end of the day I always sit down at De Drie Graefjes (Eggerstraat, Gravenstraat, Rokin). I’ve told this multiple times and I basically recommend it to everyone I know but: it’s a FACT that they make the best cakes in the whole wide world. At least, in my opinion (and everyone else’s that went there with me). Especially their carrot cake is heaven. I will never taste a carrot cake as good as theirs. Never. Anyways, most times I bring some home with me because I basically can’t live without it so long.

There you have it. Of course there’s more but these are just the one’s that I visit every time. I’m sure that if you’ve been a follower of mine for a bit longer, you have read about quite a few of them already. In that case, well, now they’re really stamped into your memory, right?

Have a great day! Let me know if you’ve ever been to one of the spots I mentioned and be sure to tell me what you thought. X