Succes guaranteed.

All the single ladies unite! Since this will be my 17th time of being reminded that I’m #foreveralone, you could say I’m quite the expert at being, well, a single lady. But why spend this holiday miserably, when you could actually take advantage of all the love vibes around? The only one who is going to make you feel good at the end of the day, is yourself after all. This will not be your clichée type of post (you know, eat some ice cream, watch the Notebook, blablabla). NO. Follow the steps, and you won’t be left feeling unwanted at all.

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  • First of all, a specially adapted playlist is a must. Don’t worry, I took it upon myself to pick out the perfect songs. You can also listen to this playlist on days when you’re feeling down and/or underrated and everything bad. No, this playlist does not contain sad, breakdown songs, but powerful and sassy songs instead. Just take a listen and you won’t be able to stop singing along.

  • TREAT YO SELF. Take a bath, light some candles, watch a feel-good movie (sad ones are forbidden), make your favourite meal and evening snack and put on a mask. More ideas: bake a cake or go out or stay in with your girlfriends!
  • Watch these super funny and relatable videos: this video of Andrea Russett, giving you a fool-proof Valentines day plan. Or this video from Superwoman. Two of the funniest youtubers I know! But I also suggest watching inspiring videos such as TedxTalk ones, or going on sites like Tumblr to take all the time off and get inspired! This will leave you feeling a lot more fulfilled, satisfied and motivated to get your life together (if you haven’t already).

Don’t freak out about it. It’s just another day. Give your friends and family or dog some love, but don’t forget yourself. Give yourself some compliments. Science has proved that this will actually help you feel better, especially when you’re really feeling unconfident and insecure. Remind yourself that one day you will meet that someone, but for now just use the rest of your time to work on yourself first. Everything happens for a reason!

…Or so I try to convince myself…