Happy 2016! Long time no see, people of the internet. Yes, I am still totally going to blame this on the huge workload of school. Anyways, 2015 has thaught me some stuff, which I can use to improve myself this year. Here’s what I think everyone has to keep in mind:

2016, new year, and hello afbeelding

  • making healthier decisions means that you are only taking care of yourself, which can help you increase your self-esteem. There is nothing arrogant or partypooping about that at all.
  • try to see the positive point in everything gives you more energy, satisfaction and rest at the same time.
  • Keeping your environment clean brings you more clarity in your own mind as well
  • Don’t hold things in too long, but try not to react inmediately when you’re overwhelmed with emotions. Find a balance.People (in particular friends and family) are not always going to believe in you, but try to see that as a motivation and prove them wrong.
  • If someone tries to bring you down, that only means that you are already above them. Cheesy and harsh at the same time, but very true.
  • Authentity is key, wherever you are.

Also, on a lighter note:

  • No, you can’t just spend all your money on food and clothes and expect that you will always have enough euros left, if you don’t have a job. So: GET A JOB
  • Apparently the 90’s trend will survive this spring and summer as well. Yay
  • You are going to Barcelona and Ibiza this year. Keep up with your Spanish, señorita!
  • Don’t try to keep up with the Kardashians anymore, you don’t need more drama in your life

This was just a short little 10pm rant I just came up with, as I hadn’t posted in a long time and I felt like writing this all of sudden. Peace out x