Hi guys!

Although I technically don’t live in Arnhem anymore, it still feels like my hometown. I love sharing hotspots and since fall is my favourite time of the year (what a surprise). Eventbrite helps me to find things happening in my hometown so I was inspired to make this post guide on ‘autumn-like’ things to do in Arnhem. They also allow their users to sell their own events tickets here! Me and my mom went to some cute places today and I took some pictures to share them with you! Here we go…

So you could start of the day with the typical fall beverage PSL at Starbucks, but not today folks. No, I went to the best (real) coffee cafe they have around here. It is called Doppio and per usual, I had a caramel macchiato (better than any Starbucks drink tbh) while my mom sipped on an grande cappuccino.

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After having had our daily shot of caffeine, we went shopping. Arnhem has some pretty cute stores (beautiful interior items, clothes and other fun things). Some of the stores we went to:

Sissy Boy – This store has awesome home decorations and really good quality clothes as well. There stock differs from soy wax, fig smelling candles to hanging chairs and cookbooks. I always find something there. This time as well, even though the only thing I bought was a cactus.

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Mimint – If you are looking for healthy snacks such as pumkin spice bars, almond butter, healthy popcorn and gluten free chocolate, this is the right adress. This cute store is a mini heaven for health freaks like me (everything is so delicious yet good for you).

WAAR – WAAR sells a lot of diverse stuff as well. Most of it is fair trade and organic, which is a major plus. They also sell the limited edition Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars there, so we bought four(!!!) of those, hehehe.

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Van Delft, de pepernotenfabriek – Pepernoten are my definition of Duth pride. These tasty, crunchy balls are my favorite snack around this time of the year. Therefore it was only right to be very excited about the new special Pepernoten store, where they sell a lot of different and special flavours such as raspberry and full-cream butter. Good to know: they also have gluten-free & spelt based ones as well!

After all that walking and talking, we decided to go out for lunch at Rawsome. Rawsome is a rather new lunchroom in Arnhem where they serve all things healthy. All of their recipes (from b’raw’nies to green juices) are 100% biological, gluten-free, raw ingredients. We both got a salad and a green juice, yum. The plan was actually to bring some raw sweets with us as well, but we forgot. Oops!


For that cosy cafe feeling (great coffee and delicous pie inc.), BABO is worth the visit as well. Sorry for the blurry pictures by the way, something went wrong there.


For the most stylish, qualitative items you can’t skip Humanoid. This store is set in a renowned church and their stock is always filled with the most gorgeous pieces from the best brands. It is absolutely worth the money, but it is also a good place to go just for inspiration.

For cute bracelets, wallets, home decorations and clothes you should check out Things I Like Things I Love. Seriously, it is hipster heaven.


We didn’t go to the Sonsbeek park that day, but I couldn’t leave this piece of Arnhem out. Especially during the fall, this park is so stunning. I used to go there a lot as a kid and it is only until now that I discovered what a gem it is. (the pictures aren’t mine by the way)

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I hope you liked this little tour! Have you ever been to Arnhem and would you like to go?