PicMonkey CollageMornings…. ughhhhhhh. They all start with that horrendous sound coming from your alarm clock. You were just dreaming about winning the noble prize at an exclusive and exotic destination (think: Ibiza / Hawaii). Leonardo DiCaprio was about to hand out the prize to you and than suddenly… you wake up. With your eyes still shut you try to make the annoying noise stop as quick as you can. The second shiver of negativity now enters your body as you look at the time: it’s only 7 pm. Your warm and comforting bed is begging you to stay in for just a little bit longer but you actually know you have to get up or else you will be late. Worst feeling ever, I know. And it’s only just the beginning of a brand new day. What a waste to start it of on such a negative note right? I know this feeling all to well, and it even used to be worse. Here are some of my ‘morning hacks’ to make that step from your bed to the cold ground beneath you a lot easier to take.

1. “Create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning”

At least, that’s what they say. And I fully agree. However, I understand it if you have quite a hard time picturing your life goals in front of yourself when you’ve just woken up a minute ago and still are kind of figuring out whether that dream about meeting Leonardo DiCaprio was real or not. So to make it a bit easier, create your own vision board and put it close to your bed. This way, only by looking at it you will get that oh so needed shot of endorphin (a.k.a the happiness hormone) and some motivation and positive energy to get up easily. Not that much of a creative person? No worries. You can also make a collage / collection of quotes and pictures on your mobile or on sites such as weheartit.com.

PicMonkey Collage 2

An example of one of my vision boards, made with PicMonkey.

2. Pack your bag, lunch and choose your outfit the night before

To save time and a lot of worrying, do these things the night before and your morning will be a lot more relaxed already.

3. Splash some water in your face

You will hate me for this at first. But after a few seconds you will a lot more awake and fresh. You know it’s true.

4.  Set a relaxing and calming sound as your alarm

Nothing more worse than an annoying alarm noise. Short story: every time I sleep over at my friend’s, she sets her alarm. Do you know that quack-sound on the iPhone? That’s her regular alarm. But when it goes of, she never wakes up and stops it. Therefore me and my other friend had to listen to that sound for 5 minutes straight or so and now I am traumatized for life. It was absolute horror. So the bottom line is: set a nice song or sound as your alarm. Or else you will be haunted by that stupid noise every time you hear it somewhere. My favourite iPhone sounds is called ‘silk’. I recommend!

5. Make a playlist to listen to while you’re getting ready

There are plenty morning playlists to find on Spotify, or just create your own and fill it with happy/calming/energizing songs.

6. Eat enough breakfast

This is sooooo important! Without a proper breakfast you won’t be able to get the most out of the whole day. This also has been scientifically proven, so please don’t forget this. It isn’t called the most important meal of the day for nothing!

7. Smell some mint

Apparently this will help you feel awake and fresh! So keep some mint tea on your nightstand and directly sniff it after you wake up. Every little bit helps, right?

8. Keep your eyes open the second you wake up!

If you close your eyes immediately after you’ve woken up, your body easily falls back to your sleep-mode. When your second alarm goes of, you body gets confused because it feels like it has to ‘wake up again’. Because of this, it gets harder and harder to get up. So even though you still want to stay in bed for a little while: keep your eyes open and go sit upright.

9. If needed, reset your biological clock

Try to go to bed every night around the same time and wake up every day the time. This will help your body getting used to the time you need to wake up and eventually it will start to wake you up automatically all on its own. And trust me, you will feel so much better to be woken by yourself instead of an alarm. Also make sure to get enough hours of sleep and you will never be that moody morning ghost anymore.

These are some of my favourite tips! I hope this has helped you and don’t forget to share this with someone who you think might need this ;). Have a good day x