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Hi loves!

How has your month been going? Mine has been preeetty busy, but I decided to keep on blogging even though school has returned and has taken every single spare minute with it :(. Want to know what products I’ve been using and what other things I’ve been obsessing over this month? Keep on reading to find out…

  • Beauty

This face cleanser from the Lush and this body butter from The Beauty Bakery (which feels and smells absolutely amaaaaazing!!!).

  • Make-up

The passion fruit EOS-lipbalm I got from my lovely friend. This is my first EOS-lipbalm and I’ve been wanting to get one in ages. Thanks girl! ❤

  • Fashion

This orange sweater from Topshop. I saw Zoella wearing it in one of her video’s and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s so cosy, fashionable and totally appropriate for this kind of weather. Also, this shirt from Pull&Bear with a unicorn button that says: “I don’t believe in unicorns”. Come on guys, I just couldn’t resist to buy it.

  • Youtube / viral video

This video from the hilarious and awesome iiSuperwomanii. She is my favourite youtuber in general, because she always creates great content. I can guarantee all of her video’s will make you crack a smile of accuracy and funiness. Trust me on this one.

  • Song

Without you by Tobias Jesso Jr. His music is pure and authentic and beautiful. So refreshing from all those monotonous pop songs nowadays.

And how could I forget, the new album from Lana Del Rey of course! My stephdad brought it home as a surprise about a week ago and it’s been on our record player almost every day. No complaining here, though.

  • Food

These home-made chia balls made from dates (and some other goodies). Great for this time of the year and perfect for a quick pick-me-up.

  • Random

The snapchat update! God, how I was having fun on my one while all of sudden a rainbow came pouring out of my mouth and my eyes got twice as big. Sadly they keep renewing their effects, so this one is out of the range by now. Please snapchat, and with me thousand others; bring the rainbow-effect back!!!

EDIT: they brought it back! Hoorayyy

Let me know what thing you’ve been loving lately!