So as I was strolling around on Polyvore, I stumbled into one of my all time favourite stores: Topshop. I quickly realised that they had a lot of items that I’ve been wanting to get for a loooong time. So for a little inspiration (and motivation to work hard so that I can buy it all) I decided to make this little collage. And why not share it with you guys?
All of the items are linked below. What is your favourite brand?

Topshop striped shirt
€20 –

Topshop moto jacket
€320 –

Topshop green jacket
€61 –

Topshop pleated pants
€21 –

Topshop mini skirt
€57 –

Topshop jump suit
€67 –

Topshop skirt
€52 –

Topshop shorts
€46 –

Topshop chelsea boots
€110 –