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Ciao guys! By the time you’re reading this, I’m already home, mentally preparing myself for school and such, but I hope that you can dream away with me during this blogpost full of Italian memories… Enjoy!

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Elba flashback: Forgot to post this hilarious hundred-years-old-mirror selfie of me, my mother and my brother. // Napoleon’s front door. Looks quite good if you keep in mind that he was here for abandomination, not vacation or anything.

Day 10

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I only have pictures of our dinner in San Vincenzo from this day. I guess there was nothing worth showing on my blog going on that day. Dinner, however, was BOMB. The pictures may not show it that much, but it was hella good. I shared this whole plate of fish with my mom and it was the biggest amount of food I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. // Also, definitely try the flavour ‘Pan di Stelle’ if you’re ever in Italy. It’s the best.

Day 11

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Today we went to Lucca, with a pit stop at the white beach Vada. The reason why it’s so white and clear, is because there is a factory near that produces biochemicals. The weather today, however, wasn’t that great. The sun was pretty much gone and the sand wasn’t as white as we expected it to be. It’s a good thing we wouldn’t be there for a long time after all.

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Arrived in Lucca. These two pictures were our first impressions. Yet again: cute streets and lovely shops. Look at those monkey emojis on the door of the store, haha!

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The dish that I have been eating most here is probably risotto al mare as you can tell. I fell in love with this sweater! However, I already bought a coat from the same store with the same colours and pattern, so I didn’t get it. Still contemplating about buying something similar to this in The Netherlands. What do you think?

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Another item that forever has a place in my heart: this suede bag. I was planning on getting it, but I decided that I needed something bigger since I want to use it as a school bag.

Lucca is absolutely my favourite village from this vacation. Yes, in my eyes I’d rather live here than e.i. Florence. Why? Because it’s less stuffed with tourists but still oh so stunning. It has over more than 10 piazza’s (and every square has it’s own church) That’s pretty crazy! The town is filled with cute terraces and shops and the typical Italian ambiance is everywhere. The good life…

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Our camping has a cocktail bar and of course I had to try some out ;).

Day 12

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Travel essentials for on the road! The cover of this book (Beautiful Ruines by Jess Walter) is a picture of….Manarola! What a coincidence, the place we will be visiting (realized by my begging) on our way back! I loved the book by the way, check it out. Perfect for getting your mind of things whilst chilling somewhere abroad.

Day 13

It was a hectic day… from leaving the camping before 10pm and visiting Manarola on the way back to arriving in France at 20:30. I only have pictures of Cinque Terre, but I don’t think you guys will mind…

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!!!! Couldn’t be happier.

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Best lunch view EVER. And the lunch itself wasn’t bad as well ;).

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What more can I say? Goal accomplished. Well, now that I think of it, not really. My idea was to take a picture from this stunning place with my polaroid camera, but when I tried it it didn’t work?!?!? Still trying to figure out what’s wrong with it, but yeah. Whatever.

Day 14 – Colmar, France

Today we visited a quite known town next to our stay called Colmar. I had low expectations, but I was surprised with the tourism and shops they had! To give you an indication, they had a Sephora and H&M. And a lot of patisseries, lunchrooms and restaurant as well.

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Look at all these interesting flavours!! I got one with peche de vigne (figs?) and something with cactus in it! Really refreshing and yummie.

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Salads for daaaays

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I was thinking about getting these loose pants but I don’t think I can pull them of… I did get the shirt though!

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Mmmmm… macaroons and smoothies: two of my favourite things.

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That evening I tried escargots (snails in French) for the first time in my life! And it was surprisingly tasty, yum. // Just an overview of what I eventually brought home with me:

  • a vest/coat from Subdued in Lucca
  • … chelsey boots in Volterra
  • a Gabs purse (well, actually my mom got it but I just had to show you guys)
  • a striped shirt in Colmar

Not that much, but I’m content with everything. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys: before we left, I made a bucketlist of typical Italian things I wanted to do there. Let’s see what I’ve managed to accomplish…

  1. Eat at least one ice cream a day
  2. Drink a coffee whilst standing at a bar
  3. Ride a vespa
  4. Spot George Clooney’s house
  5. Talking to someone in Italian
  6. Visit:
    1. Cinque Terre
    2. Rome
    3. Florence
  7. Eat:
    1. Pizza
    2. Tiramisu
    3. Lasagna
    4. R