It seems like M.A.C lipsticks are taking over the world! I may be a little ‘late to the party’ but I just never took the time to go ‘make-up shopping’ in general, I guess. But when I finally went into a drugstore and saw the special, new M.A.C zone they had, I became more curious than ever. So I bought one myself and for my birthday I asked for one. The two shades I have got are called Faux and Captive. Both cost around 19 euros, so keep reading to find out if they are worth the money (in my opinion)…Β 

Left: Captive, right: faux.Β 

The lipsticks are pretty pigmented, which is a huge plus. However, they do smudge quite easily and especiallyΒ faux does not look like what I expected at all. The lady at the M.A.C told me that lipstick always look different on other people because it adjusts to the colour of your lips. In that case, I guess my lips just aren’t meant to be for this brand. What seems to be looking quite ‘bold and natural’ looks rather ‘fake and cheap’ on my lips, sadly. However, I do see other people rocking this particular colour, so there’s no one the blame here really. I’m still curious how other colours will work, but I’m not that enthousiast about this brand as the others are anymore. I think it’s rather a hype and ‘the best make-up brand yet’. Therefore I also think the products are quite overpriced, but if you don’t mind, then I’d suggest you try them out!