Hi guys!! As you can tell I’m finally in Italy right now (I’ve literally waited for this vacation the whole damn year). If you are curious what places we visit, what hotspots to go to, what food to eat and just my journal there in overall, keep reading! We will be staying in Tuscany for two weeks. But the first two nights we will be staying at Lago Como in the North of Italy, where huge stars such as George Clooney, David Beckham, Madonna and Donatella Versace have a villa! So stay tuned, because there is a change I might bump into someone and have a coffee chat with him/her 😉 just kidding. But if we must believe the housekeeper, George’s house is on the other side of the lake. I’ll show a picture if I spot it!

Foto 11-08-15 09 29 07

We went by car, which was a 11 hour drive. Therefore we left at 03:00 AM so we were a little jet lagged. In the next pictures I’ll show you our journey and our arrival. Enjoy…

Day 1

The typical German view. Hills, green and old houses (not my favourite thing in the world to be honest) // Sooo after waking up from a 2 hour nap, I found my banana, a bit opened and sticky. In my purse!!! Worst feeling ever D:

The view from the window at our Bed & Breakfast isn’t so bad I guess 😉 // Just a casual creep-pic from my brother, before it starting pouring rain.
Unfortunately i can’t show you pictures of the delicious pizza I had (with shrimps, mozzarella, rocket and tomato) that day because my battery was dead by that time ;( but don’t worry! A lot of other food pictures will be shown soon!

Day 2

Spoiler alert: we found mr. Clooneys house! Turns out the villa is located exactly in front of our apartment at the other side of the lake!

Foto 02-08-15 12 18 27 Foto 02-08-15 22 37 52

There it is!

Foto 02-08-15 14 05 00 Foto 02-08-15 14 08 55

La bella villagio Bellagio! It was so cute here guys, I’m in love.

Foto 02-08-15 16 56 42 Foto 02-08-15 19 38 04

The street-names here all are displayed on a marble plate, how pretty? // As for our ‘prima piatta’, we went with powerfruit juices and got a yummy crêpe/pizza with it. #yassss

Foto 02-08-15 23 01 07 Ciao!

Day 3

Moving on! As a ‘pit-stop’, we took a visit to one of Cinque Terre’s little towns, Monterosso al Mare. We believed that this was THE place to be for that famous view, but nope, we were wrong. Because we had to be at our stay  in time, we couldn’t stop by at Manarola as well. But stay tuned, because on our way back to The Netherlands we will be visiting Manarola! Besides, this wasn’t a bad place to be at as well… 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Beach goals, right?

Foto 03-08-15 13 41 52 Foto 03-08-15 14 05 28

And lunch goals as well, because damnnn it was so good. Not to forget with an incredibly stunning view on the sea included.

Day 4

Arrived at the camping! To relax a little from all that traveling and unpacking, we went to this tropical beach in Piombino, a town close to ours. I got an iced coffee (they first thought I wanted an Irish coffee, haha). Oh, and I basically forced my mom to take some pictures of my outfit (the hat is actually hers) with the sunflowers, not gonna lie.

Foto 05-08-15 15 07 13 Foto 05-08-15 15 32 21

Day 5

Being the adventurous, always exploring family that we are, we went to Florence today! Foto 06-08-15 14 37 46 Foto 06-08-15 14 37 49 Foto 06-08-15 15 05 12 Foto 06-08-15 15 25 01

Because I have a friend that lives near Florence I asked her a good place to eat. She tipped me the square called “Mercato Centrale” (translation: central market, if I’m right) and I’m so glad she did, because lunch was GREAT. We ate at this place called Za-Za, which has this kind of alternative, cool vibe. And ugh, the food was so good. I had risotto al mare, definitely one to recommend!

Foto 06-08-15 16 42 00  Foto 06-08-15 17 33 34

Best ice cream award goes to… Venchi! This ‘shop’ had a promising interior, so I immediately knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. I forgot what flavours I got because there were so many but damn, it doesn’t even matter what you get (expect if you’re gluten/nuts intolerant ofc.). It’s all delish!

Foto 06-08-15 16 52 42 One of the many statues we saw. I only took one picture because I knew that my stepdad would capture them with his Canon camera, so what’s the use?

rocessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

We sadly didn’t go in here, but I just had to capture this cute, retro looking coffee-shop.

Dinner time! It wasn’t as great as lunch, but still pretty good.

Foto 07-08-15 19 35 25 Foto 07-08-15 19 35 34

The famous Ponte Vecchio and three cute, Italian colour painted chairs in front of a cool vintage shop.

Day 6

Foto 08-08-15 19 04 04 Another beach day, but another one this time. The waves were huge and the water was clear, so we could dive and play with our pink floathboat (how I like to call it).

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Lunch! I ordered a panini with mozzarella, tomato and rocket. And a cappuccino, as usual.

Day 7

Foto 10-08-15 14 27 26 Foto 10-08-15 14 47 36

Today we went city-tripping again. To Volterra and Siena this time; two authentic, old cities located on a hill. You can tell that the Romans left quite some aspects of their culture behind here because the streets and walls are typically Roman. When we finally arrived (we had some delay-issues), we went to the first coffee bar we could find and had our necessarily shot of coffee like true Italians (drinking your coffee whilst standing at the bar).

Cute vintage/retro like cards!

Foto 13-08-15 14 02 24

Foto 10-08-15 14 51 34 Foto 10-08-15 17 05 10

My mother’s outfit matched with almost every single street we went to that day, haha. Look at her posing skills! #jealous.

(Don’t know why these pics aren’t square)

Foto 10-08-15 17 06 15  Foto 10-08-15 17 33 27

Of course my brother couldn’t help himself, so he got a slice of pizza. How could one blame him? // ps: I NEED THAT DONUT FLOATIE THING IN MY LIFE.

Foto 10-08-15 17 32 34 Foto 10-08-15 17 20 41

I stopped at almost every alley to make a picture, because they all were so damn cute! I could live here forever, honestly.

Foto 10-08-15 17 37 05 Foto 10-08-15 17 51 26 Foto 10-08-15 19 34 02 Foto 10-08-15 20 05 56

Dinner time. Trust me, it was at least 10x as good as you would think. The pictures didn’t really work out. We ate at ristorante da Guido, where apparently a lot of stars already had paid a visit. There were hundreds of pictures on the wall, some of them signed, some not. I’m talking: Marylin Monroe, famous football players, etc. etc. etc…

Day 8

Another exciting day, because we went to the island Elba. It’s the famous island where Napoleon was banned to, but he escaped after half a year of living there. The plan was to rent two scooters there, but because it was the busiest week of the year (!!) everything already was taken. So we rent the last car they had, and paid a visit to Napoleons residence and the most beautiful beach I have ever been to in my life.

Foto 13-08-15 14 01 42 Foto 14-08-15 15 54 47

My mom taking sneaky pictures of me whilst I’m walking around his house like a typical tourist.

Foto 13-08-15 19 33 48 Foto 13-08-15 13 42 10

This beach though! The water was perfect, the music was nice, there were cacti everywhere (in all enthusiasm I grabbed the yellow top of one and for the rest of the day I walked around with tiny needles in my hand) and there were rocks. And that can only mean two things. 1) Where there’s rocks, there are fish and 2) perhaps an opportunity to jump from a rock into the water. And guess what? Both happened. I went snorkling first and saw the first fish I have ever seen in my life (under water obviously) AND I got the chance to finally go cliff jumping. How awesome? Here a picture as evidence:

Foto 15-08-15 13 02 19 Yes. That’s your girl. Jumping of from a cliff. No big deal at all (jk, it was AWESOME!!).

Foto 13-08-15 14 07 55 Foto 14-08-15 15 54 13

What lunch looked like that day. I had a tuna salad I believe. // We went by boat, and this is what Elba looked like from a distance. Kind of like a mini Venice version, if you’d ask me.

Day 9

foto (1) Foto 14-08-15 15 53 59

Foto 13-08-15 22 30 49

As you can see there was nothing much going on this day. I can recall that we went to the beach and/or pool and chilled at the camping the whole day. That evening we went to San Vincenzo and had dinner there (which was the best pasta I’ve had in years). We walked over the beach on our way to the restaurant and the sky was amazing. // Later in the evening I had a ‘frozen mojito’ which got me the worst brain freeze ever, but it was worth it.

Stay tuned for part 2! You can expect: more citytrips to cute towns such as Lucca and Cinque Terre, and our stay at hotel in Bischwir, France.