Call me a little nerd, but the universe / galaxy / space/ milky way / stars / moon have always been so interesting to me. Ever since I was a little girl I used to wonder how the was created and I’ve always been daydreaming of another world. If I had the brains and the right profile, I’d definitely see myself studying something astrology-ish. I sort of always knew that we couldn’t be the only ones in this whole universe. I mean, there’s so much that we haven’t discovered yet and we are just a tiny little spot in this enormous space. And with news like this, fantasies become reality…

Last week the NASA confirmed that they have discovered a new, possibly livable planet. It’s highly likely to be habitable due to the fact that it has enough clouds. The gravity, however, should be 1,4 as heavy there. So if you’re walking there you would feel twice as heavy as you are right now. To add the fact that it is really hot there (the planet also has its own sun which is even bigger than ours).  Pfff, talking about burning calories! The planet is called  HD85512b and about 36 light-years away, which makes about 30 years distance from our world. It was discovered in the constellation (zone) of the dwarf star Neva.

The chance isn’t that big, but there’s still hope. It could be true that the planet is inhabited by other people. Aliens, to be exact. But to me, that sounds too weird. I immediately think of creepy creatures with black holes as eyes and a sloppy body when I hear that word. In this case, personally, I’d rather imagine more human-like beings. Maybe a bit different (an extra eye here, a tail there), but I don’t think that they will differ that much. How awesome would it be, though? People with a purple skin, taller bodies and more than two arms? I can’t even imagine how strange… wow. Thinking about things like this already almost blow my mind. It’s a really scary, but such an exciting thought, don’t you think?

How do you guys imagine and earth-like planet? And do you think there is live there? Let me know, I’m dying to talk about this subject!