Hi guys!

I just got this palette from the brand w7: In the buff in the shades ‘Lightly Toasted’ because it reminded me so much of the NAKED series. Because this one is much cheaper and I love brown, natural colors I wanted to get this pretty bad! And since I don’t really own that much eye shadow, I thought: why not?

The shades all have a particular name (Topaz, Camel, Onyx) just like the NAKED palette and the stunning packaging and tints are very similar to the Naked version. It reminds me especially of the Naked 2 palette, since the colours are very alike. But, is the quality worth the hype of this dupe? Let’s find out!




As you can see, they are not very pigmented. But I also tried it on my eyelids and they worked fine, really. Maybe I swatched them the wrong way (?!) since I don’t have that many experience with swatching yet. So, do you still don’t feel like spending loads of money on the naked palette from Urban Decay but want to try something similar instead? Give this a try. And if needed, adding some water while applying it and going over your eyelid more than once will definitely help to give you the results you had in mind.

The palette is arond 4 to 7 dollars on the internet and you can get it at websites such as Amazon.