Hi guys!

So earlier I wrote a review about my future Listography and I was totally raving about it. I just got this one in addition for my birthday because people know me: I like to travel. And I like making to-do lists as well, so am I as enthusiastic about this Listography as the previous one? Find out by reading more…

The notebook has the exact same kind of illustrations and fonts going on, which I like. It’s really cute and it matches with the other listography series.

Most questions are divided into two lists: one as a been there done that – list and a to do one. The questions differ from countries in Asia / Europe / North America to people you met on the journey and different types of food you tried. They have a lot of space and a lot of lists and information you can write down.

I’m really excited to fill all of the pages in with years of experience during traveling across the world. Therefore I’m just as happy with this Listography as the other one (and I was obsessed with filling that one in, really)! If you know someone who loves to travel, plans on going on a huge trip or if you’re a world wanderer yourself; defenitely buy this!!! It is the cutest and most thoughtful gift ever in my opinion.

You can get this at the Urban Outfitters and online stores. x