Hi hi! Welcome to part 2 of the photo diary from me and my friend in the island of Kos, Greece. I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

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Day 4

Day 4 was a lazy day. We woke up because of the maid who came in to clean our room, oops! Yes, we came home reaaally late last night and well, we were still quite tired.

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Beach/lion hair in the morning because I didn’t wash my hair the evening before and that in combination with sea salt makes my hair go crazy, haha. The other picture is from when we tried out the masks in the evening. Yep, I forgot to make photos for the rest of that day, except for this pic of the delicious dessert we got for free at our go-to restaurant I told you about yesterday. Yummy!

Day 5

IMG_0771 Foto 06-06-15 14 47 19Foto 06-06-15 15 02 05 Foto 01-06-15 18 47 10

Outfit of the day! We went back into town this day. Kos town has a harbour as you can see. And of course I had to get some frozen yogurt and take a picture of the beautiful stairs once again, don’t blame me!

Day 6

Foto 06-06-15 17 23 46 FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3) Foto 06-06-15 14 50 53

The last day before we went on the plane the next morning we chilled a lot and hanged out by the pool. We also brought home the bikes and spent the rest of the day walking around town. We both bought some souvenirs and had a fancy dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant there. If you ever go to Kos, definitely pay a visit! It is called Otto e mezzo. I haven’t had such good Italian food in years (not even when I was in Italy last summer) and not only that, but the ambiance, decoration, location and waiters are so nice there. With every meal they ask you if you want any freshly ground peppers and Parmesan cheese with it. We went there 3 times in two days! Twice for dinner, and one time for lunch. Sadly we only made a picture of the food the last time we visited, and I don’t know how but for some reason there is a green lighting going on the picture sadly. Anyhow, the food was so good!

The Last Day

Foto 07-06-15 08 45 26 Foto 07-06-15 07 41 29

Waiting on the airplane be like….

Foto 07-06-15 19 19 00 FullSizeRender (4)Foto 08-06-15 00 29 05

We got home around 2pm and that same day I had a performance from the one and only, Jett Rebel! The location was in Het Amsterdamse Bos (The Amsterdam Woods) so the vibes were quite different from a normal concert of his. Yet again, he was so good! I had a great time, although I was super tired. I also liked the fact that they had some foodtrucks there! It is an upcoming trend here in the Netherlands and I love it! I had a hamburger and a healthy salad with beet, yogurt, some seeds and all different kind of spices. Yummm…

That’s it guys! That was my first journey abroad without my parents. I had a great time and I recommend everyone to go and take a holiday on your own right now, you deserve it! If you want to see more pictures, follow me on my Instagram because there are still some photos left that I didn’t show you in this blogpost. xxx