Hi everyone!

I’m back in The Netherlands and although I missed my family and my bed, I really want to stay there for a week more! I went with one of my best friends and we had so much fun together. Not only is Kos a great holiday destination for tanning on the beach and going out at night, it also has really pretty and cute areas. The perfect balance if you’d ask me. Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures with flowers, food and selfies!

Day 1

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Foto 31-05-15 14 20 41

I actually ‘started the day’ at an Ariana Grande concert with my other friend in Amsterdam, so I already was pretty tired when I had to hop on the plane 13 hours later. Although it may not seem like I was tired on the other picture with me, my friend and my little sister on our way to the airport. The 2 cups of coffee helped me lots, I assume.

Foto 07-06-15 06 09 33 Foto 07-06-15 05 54 39

I sat next to window on the plane, so of course I had to take some pictures. I don’t have other pictures from that day because we got to our apartment very late. We were so hungry so the first thing we did was eat at a restaurant about 15m close to our stay. It was 23:00 by that time and at 00:00 Ding Dang would become 19! So we celebrated her birthday in the dark, having a not so fancy but oh so necessary dinner.

Foto 06-06-15 19 36 23 (1) Foto 06-06-15 18 59 10

Arrived and everything! The first picture was taken in the lobby, the only place where we had WiFi . The other picture is a side of the view on our balcony (where we sat at a lot) which I took the other day. I thought I’d show you just for a little insight.

Day 2

Foto 01-06-15 10 54 39 Foto 01-06-15 14 48 57 Foto 01-06-15 14 49 24 Foto 01-06-15 10 47 58

What can I say? It’s beautiful here and we took a ton of pictures like this that day!  The second day we were here, we already explored so much. Really, normally people would divide all the things we did in three days or so. SO. MUCH. WALKING. (And biking, because we have rent a bike there). But it was all worth it.

Foto 01-06-15 12 19 31 Foto 01-06-15 12 41 18 Foto 01-06-15 12 11 04 Foto 01-06-15 12 13 47

Look at this gorgeous place where we had lunch that day! The owners were really kind and the view was amazing. Foto 01-06-15 12 23 18

As you can see, I tried to make a panorama picture of it, but the light didn’t work along. Try to spot Ding Dang, haha!

Foto 01-06-15 14 49 24 Foto 01-06-15 11 48 21

We basically took a picture of every street we went to in the Old Town so prepare yourself for more pictures like this.

Foto 01-06-15 11 46 21 Foto 01-06-15 11 45 22 Foto 01-06-15 11 42 15 Foto 01-06-15 11 43 14Foto 01-06-15 11 39 07 Foto 01-06-15 11 49 37

Told you so!

Foto 01-06-15 13 04 54 Foto 01-06-15 19 20 33

And to end the afternoon I got a froyo with coconut! After consuming this guilty pleasure we went to a mexican/greek restaurant from which the owner was Dutch just like us. I prefer going to a traditional and local Greek restaurant, but hey, this wasn’t bad as well (I only took a photo of our cocktails though).

Day 3

Foto 02-06-15 11 34 17 Foto 02-06-15 11 33 37

Beach kinda day! Sunshine, the sea and mojitos: what can I say more?

Foto 01-06-15 12 07 37 Foto 08-06-15 15 26 45

Look at how cute this bike is!! And I also bought this exfoliating mask from a brand I never knew about before and I absolutely loved it! Have you ever seen these masks before? Let me know because I would like to try out more of them but I don’t know if I can get them anywhere near.

Foto 06-06-15 17 47 07 Foto 06-06-15 19 52 15

Look at how pretty this street is! I had to visit twice, once with beautiful daylight, and once in the evening when the lights are on. Ambiance game going strong!

I didn’t take pictures of everything we did and of course I am not going to share everything (we took some really funny selfies with crazy face expressions so I’m going to save you from the weirdness, haha).

Part two will be up soon, until then! XO