Hey everyone!


What is a better way to give your skin a treatment and getting yourself ready for that hot summer weather than putting on a facial mask? That’s right, nothing.

I was in the store about a week ago and I picked up these three masks of the dr. van der Hoog face-masks products. They had more but these 3 seemed the most interesting to me. By now I have tried them all out and I wanted to share you my experiences with them since you might be interested in them as well! Which one is my fave and which one wasn’t that great? You’ll see… The ones I am going to review for you are Funny Figs, Lush Lava and Sensational Sea Alge (already loving the names because of the alliterations, haha!). 

1. Funny Figs

SAM_2686 IMG_8165-2

Let’s start with talking about the smell. I can’t really describe it actually. It smells really fresh and quite sweet ( yet not as as sugary as candy though). To be honest, I can’t really say anything more about it other than that it smells like fresh figs and I love it, haha. I must say I have never smelled anything like this mask before. Something I also noticed about this mask is that instead of getting as dry as possible, it disappears and mostly absorbs into your skin! This is a big plus for me since this way the masks feeds the skin a lot more than usual. After I washed it of completely I felt that my skin was very hydrated and soft, but nothing more and nothing less. I like it, but there might be slightly better ones yet to come…

2. Lush Lava

SAM_2687 SAM_2705

Ah, got to love Lush Lava! This mask is made out of volcanic clay, shea butter and licorice root with a little argan oil added there as well. All this together is really good for hydration and a calming effect and spoiler alert: I definitely felt like my skin was thoroughly cleaned and fed with a bunch of good stuff! In contrast to Funny Figs this one does dry up completely until your face will fall of (just kidding, it doesn’t hurt one single bit). I recommend!

3. Sensational Sea Alge

IMG_9837 SAM_2745

I also really like this one. It not only feels, but also smells pretty fresh and just like the Funny Figs, this one sinks into your skin as well, which makes it more feeding and nourishing (bonus point!). What surprised me was that the mask had real bits of seaweed in it! So cool. It’s a good thing that they weren’t annoying by falling of or making the application harder, so they are a good addition to the mix!

Which one did you like best? I think the Lush Lava one, but they are all pretty great.

Which one do you not recommend? I can’t choose, I love them all!

What rating would you give the brand in general? 8/10

Would you buy them again? Definitely!

Appropriate for sensitive skin? Yes! They all include natural ingredients which aren’t harsh for your skin.

What’s the price? €2,29 per mask. Quite pricey, but worth the quality.

Until next time! Would you like to try one out? xoxo