I generally have always hated traditional Dutch music, blegh. That kind of folk music, always including terribly annoying voices, melodies and lyrics, makes you want to run away as fast as you can from wherever you are at that particular moment. BUT! That definitely isn’t all that we’ve got in store in The Netherlands…

Besides these traditional Dutch singing artists and the surprisingly successful famous DJ’s such as Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Tiësto and many others there is another layer of artists that definitely should deserve a spot in Today’s Worldwide Top Hits if you’d ask me. Ps: don’t worry, they all sing in English!

Kensington is a (pop/indie) rock-band and probably the most wanted act for all festivals held in the Netherlands. Their music is very catchy and I basically love their whole album, so that says a lot. Yep, you could say that I’m a fan. And I know a lot of people are with me here in The Netherlands. Therefore they definitely deserve a breakthrough in the U.S.A or U.K! (Make it happen people, make it happen).

Handsome Poets has also very festival-like music. They make that kind of happy, energetic hippie songs which always do really well on the radio. No one can deny that they at least like their breakthrough song ‘Sky on Fire’; it’s good and catchy, but definitely not annoyingly catchy. No wonder this song has been on the radio a lot ever since it came out.

The Common Linnets once started as a collaboration between two well-known Dutch singers called Ilse Delange and Waylon, guided by 4 other band-members (whom aren’t all 100% Dutch by the way). They debuted with their single Calm after the Storm at the Eurovision Songfestival and they ended up second place! Although Waylon left the band (it’s still a mistery why; people belief because of disagreements between him and lead singer Ilse), they are still going strong!

Sunday Sun made one of the best ‘good-feeling’ songs on earth, in my opinion. ‘I call you Honey’ is my favourite jam and it never fails to get me in an energizing, happy mood. I even made another version of this song by changing the lyrics so that me and my brother could sing it to my mother for her birthday this year. Definitely give it a listen!

Alain Clark has got soul, man! At first I didn’t even believe he was Dutch. All of his songs are so, so good. The vibe, lyrics, voice, melodies, everything is on point. I love all his songs. Such a pure, talented artist. What can I say more? Just listen to him and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Dotan is another solo artist and although you wouldn’t think so, he is quite a new talent in The Netherlands. Okay, that is not entirely true. I found out he has been here quite a while, but it was only until recent that people really came to know him. This was because of his breakthrough h it called Home. Not that much time later, some other songs of his became great hits (such as Hungry, Fall and Let The River In) as well. Everybody, including me, is hooked. No wonder he got 3(!!) 3fm Awards this year, such as best singer and best single!

Chef Special came out with their hit ‘In your arms’ and yet again, this song was on the radio at least once a day for a great period of time. But no one seemed to bother, because everyone loved it! Their fan-base is growing and growing and also Festivals can’t get enough of them. They have the potential, just give them a chance and you’ll see.

Anouk is a fierce, independent rock chick with a power voice given from heaven. I’ve seen her live and wow, she’s good. Great ‘yelling’, high pitched, low pitched and even a bit of rapping: this power mama (yes, she already has 5 children and still looks flawless) can do it all. Not to forget that all her songs are awesome!

You might already know, or at least recall Eva Simons from the hit song she did with Wil.i.Am called ‘This is Love’. So you could say that she is already on the international side of her career. Recently she has brought out her newest single ‘Policeman’ and I can now officially conclude that she has a very strong voice and catchy pop songs. Always a killer combination for becoming a superstar, am I right?

Mr.Probz, mostly known for his songs ‘Waves’ and ‘Nothing really matters’ is also killing it on the radio. And though you might not guess because of his (rapper)name, his songs are quite relaxing and emotional. Definitely keep an eye on him since he’s got the X-factor to become an international superstar.

Okay, so I lied a little bit. Selah Sue isn’t Dutch, but Belgian. But I just couldn’t exclude her! I love her music so much. She released a new album called ‘Reason’ quite recently and I’m hooked. I’m also in love with her previous album, though. Her songs are quite extraordinary, you can always really tell that it’s a Selah Sue song. Her music is quite raw and pure yet very catchy for some reason. The beats are always so nice to listen to. Absolutely love her music, go listen to it and tell me what you think!

Although it’s been quit still around the band Kane lately, I had to put them here. They were all over The Netherlands when I was younger and because I didn’t really know anything about this band I believed for a long time that they were from the U.S / U.K. And I guess that can be understood as a compliment, right? Therefore I just had to put them here. I don’t know a lot of songs from them, but one thing is sure: I absolutely love their songs I do know!

Racoon is another popular Dutch band. Their greatest hits ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Brick by Brick’ are all-time-favourites for a lot of people here in The Netherlands. It seems like bands like these never really ‘die’ because their songs will always be remembered, even if they’d quit (not that they have, for as long as I know). It would be weird not to put them on this list because their music deserves more love than this and I just know people are missing out on them!

Jett Rebel. If someone deserves to be the newest world idol, it would be him. He thinks out of the box, his music is brilliant, real and soooo good you don’t even know. I don’t know any artist that could top him at this moment because, well, he has a level of his own. I could go on and write more than 50 pages about him, but I don’t think you’re waiting for that. If so though, let me know because I literally can and will write a whole article about this guy. I’ve met him quite a few times now and even though you wouldn’t say so because of his image, he is the kindest and sweetest guy I know. I’m a firm believer that he is going to take over the whole music industry (although I secretly hope that he won’t because I’m afraid the fame might change him).

And last but not least, Ruben Hein. I already wrote about him in the first Music Monday article, so if you want to know more about him; click this link. Spoiler alert: He’s really good and yet again, I’m a big fan!

So that’s all for today’s Music Monday! I loved informing you guys about all of the artists above and I hope that some of you may have found your new favourite artist because of this, haha. To get a short image of the artists, here’s a playlist of my favourite songs per artist (one song each, otherwise the list would probably get too long ;).