Sooo, my exams are finished already?! Yup, I still can’t really believe it myself. Some went worse than expected, some went really well. So I’m quite satisfied in general, but at the same time I have this really weird feeling. Mixed emotions all the way. I can’t believe that all these 5 years suddenly have come to an end. I kind of feel useless, like I don’t have a goal to strive for. But at the same time, I feel free as ever! And since I will have a lot more time the upcoming months I can focus more on my blog! Whoohoo! 

What do you guys want to read / see more of? I’m planning on posting OOTD’s, DIY’s a new serie called sneaky snippets in my life and much more content that I’m excited to share with you! Goodbye for now and I’ll talk too you soon!