So prom is on it’s way and even though I should only be thinking about my exams right now, I can’t help but daydream about the dress I will be wearing and about the shoes and everything. However, I feel like I’m the only girl that hates almost all of the typical prom dresses. You know, the  ones with the bright colours, weird attachments and glitters all over them. Blegh. To be honest, I don’t like wearing dresses in general. I do like it how dresses look on other people though! I’m just not that comfortable in them for some odd reason…

Anyways, I was procrastinating on all the work I needed to get done for school (once again) by searching for cute dresses on the internet (which obviously was a hard job). Because that didn’t really work out, I started scrolling through some old, saved photos and then I came across this random picture of Emma Watson:

I remember saving it because this picture is just flawless and her make-up is on point. Then I came to realize something: this would be a perfect look for prom! So I went on Google images to see if Watson has ever attended prom herself. Not that amazed yet still a little disappointed I came to the realization that she hasn’t (besides as Hermoine in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire of course), but that didn’t matter. Because guess what? I found all these amazing red carpet looks of hers, that could definitely pass as prom style! And yes, I just really needed to share them with you. So if you still are lacking on some prom inspiration, here you go!

  Emma Watson


Her hair, make-up and outfit (not to forget her body) are all so flawless and definitely prom-approved!

What is your favourite look of hers?