Mama Mia

I have probably watched this movie 8 times now and I still haven’t got bored of it. In fact, I’m planning on watching this very soon to get in the ‘Greece mood’ for when I go to Kos with my friend. Thanks to this movie I now know all the songs from ABBA from the top of my head. Anyway, the actors, the songs, the story, the setting, the humour: I love everything about it! Also, since it is set in Greece, this would be a perfect summer movie for sure! Definitely a must watch.

Letters to Juliet

Yep. It’s another movie starring Amanda Seyfried set somewhere in the Mediterranean area. And guess which country? ITALY! Now just like the previous one, this movie has romance written all over it. If you are into girly movies than you will absolutely love this. Who doesn’t love a good old sappy love story now and then, am I right? Oh, and did I forget to mention it is set in my favourite country in the whole world, Italy? πŸ˜‰ Bonus points for Italy!

Grown Ups

For all you comedy lovers: this one’s for you! When I was a 14 year old me and my brother used to watch this movie all the time. It’s a classic, you know? If I ever was feeling down, this movie made that feeling go away. Not only because of the funny scenario’s, but also because it is set in summer. I’d recommend watching this with your family, with your younger brother / sister in particular. Similar to this movie is 22 Jump Street. Definitely give that one a try as well (since it is also set in summer)


Ah, Grease. Such a classic. Now I do have to admit: I’ve never watched the movie fully. But that doesn’t matter, because every tiny little snippet I got to see showed some summer vibes and therefore I just KNOW that this movie could not be banned from this list. Another great movie like this would be Dirty Dancing by the way. Let’s get the heat on!

Sisterhood of traveling pants

This movie is about four best friends being separated from each other becauseΒ summer arrived and they all got vacation. One stays home, another one goes to her dad and the other two go to very sunny destinations: Santorini in Greece (yup, Greece again, sorry) and Spain. Now, this one is also a olden goldie, but I still never get bored of it (especially the Spain and Santorini parts, haha). That’s it for this Movie Monday! Okay, I just realized that all of these movies are almost the same genre and very, very girly. But I literally couldn’t think of better ones! So, this is where you guys come in: What is your favourite summer movie? Please let me know, xoxo.