Hi folks!

Today I decided to combine the best of both worlds: music and movies. ”Huh? What? How? I’m confused?!?” Well, this Monday is dedicated to the movie Begin Again and those who have also watched it know that music takes a big part in it. It has actually been a while ago since I’ve watched this movie, but the reason why I suddenly had the urge to write about it was just because of one thing: I was listening to a random playlist on Spotify called ‘Sunday Stroll’ when apparently one of the songs from the movie track-list went on called ‘Lost Stars’ by the one and only Adam Levine (yes, he plays the ‘boyfriend’ in the movie) “Okay, I get it. It reminded you of the movie, wow what a sign”. No, it was more than that. It got me emotional. It made me tear up. It touched me, and I still don’t really know why exactly. You would assume that it was because I knew the storyline behind the song, but I believe it wasn’t even that. I also couldn’t really place my personal life in the lyrics, which is really odd as well. Why did it touch me so much? It’s just a wonderful, power song, that’s for sure. The lyrics, instruments, melodies and voice (duh, it’s Adam) all were perfect. Combined togheter inevitably would make a hit. It didn’t reach the top 200 as far as I know, but it’s a hidden gem for sure. And I don’t really bother, it makes it more special. I do wish that more people would know this side of Adam Levine, the non-commercialized, raw and pure one, though. And I guess that’s why I oh so desperately needed to share this with you guys. So, with all that said, here’s the link to the song!

Make sure to give it a listen and please tell me what you think. Oh, yeah, the movie! This article was actually only based on the song Lost Stars, but here’s a short review for you if you’re interested: A chance encounter between a disgraced music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents. (source: IMDb)

Well, that’s a rather short description. Besides this, the story actually offers more content than just that. There’s relationship and family problems involved as well. With the well-known Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo and surprisingly Adam Levine and upcoming 18-year old actress Hailee Steinfeild as important bit parts in it as well, it’s a promising film. I really enjoyed the movie, although it was a liiiittle boring here and there. Just a little bit, I swear. I found it a overall a really beautiful movie that I definitely don’t regret watching at all. Especially the musical parts were really mesmerizing. I absolutely recommend you watch it!

For the trailer, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTRCxOE7Xzc