I T ‘ S  T H E  L I T T L E  T H I N G S  T H A T  C O U N T

Happiness is…

  • Getting extra large scoops of ice cream
  • Great talks with (old) friends
  • Puppies (I mean, duhhh?!?!)
  • Sunny weather
  • That satisfying feeling after a great work out
  • When your favourite song starts playing in supermarkets
  • Planning your next journey/vacaction
  • Smiles
  • Discovering a new hotspot (nearby)
  • Good hair days
  • Wearing a new clothing item / shoes
  • A pamper evening
  • Baths
  • New episode of a serie you’re following
  • Getting rewarded (like a good grade)
  • Great turned out dishes
  • New hair cuts
  • Random dancing
  • Accomplishing the perfect winged eyeliner
  • Good coffee
  • Eating lots without feeling guilty
  • Being honest
  • When your favourite product is on sale
  • Discovering new music
  • Reading a book
  • Making your mother happy
  • Sleeping in
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh sheets
  • Making a new friend

What little thing always makes you happy? Let me know!