Hi guys!

Right now I actually should be studying for my English Oral Exam that I will be having tomorrow, but I just had to write a little post, hehe. I have to talk about one article that I have chosen myself (it’s about why poor students struggle with college, I don’t know, I couldn’t really find a better one to talk about) and I have to prepare for 5 other articles that my teacher picked out as well, which only one of them will actually be discussed. Oh, and I have to be reading out loud a piece of text and I need to ‘make up a story’ about some pictures that will be submitted. To be honest, I’m quite nervous about it. I normally speak with an American accent (which is probably because I mostly used to watch American series and movies when I was younger) but now I have to give the British accent a go. Although it keeps getting better, it still sounds a little odd when I speak British myself. I guess because I’m just not used to it, which makes me sound a little ‘fake’, I find. At least now I have a good excuse to watch a lot of English movies, series and youtubers in my spare time (not that I didn’t do that before, though).FullSizeRender (4)

Anyways, my exams are coming up. Only a month left and I will be taking my final tests for the rest of my school career. Quite a scary thought, but I’m still kind of relaxed about it for some strange reason. My schoolmates on the other hand, are stressing out more day by day. We all had a History test today and after that me and my besties went to one of our favourite coffee-cafés: Koffie&Koffie. Ugh, that was much needed. Okay this is definitely TMI but I do have a little PCP problem going on right now though. Probably because I basically drank not one, but two huge lattés (one of my friends could’nt even finish like 1/4 of hers so of course, I had to help).

Okay, what else? Oh yeah, I just signed up on this site called ‘Parentmatch’, which can help you find a job as a babysitter nearby where you live. I quite urgently need a job, so perhaps I’ll be feeding a baby whilst trying to not make a mess in some strangers home any time soon, who knows? Speaking of ‘new things’, I also might be going to take a try-out singing lesson from a Spanish woman named Mónica. Very exciting! I’ve always loved singing and I am really curious if there might be some potential to become a musician one day… I still need to find the right date, though. And as if my self-development couldn’t get even more broad at the moment, I am also thinking about learning how to kick box! I have always loved the idea of being good at it, and at my local fitness centre they have that ability, so hey, why not right? Oh, and I am also thinking about rejoining an dance centre, because I’ve really been getting the need to dance it all out as well, haha. Damn, why do I suddenly want all of this so much at the same time? #lifelogic

Also, lately I am really feeling the urge of getting a pair of Nikes! I was thinking about getting of those, please let me know which one you like best in the comments below. All help is very much appreciated!

 Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey/Hyper Jade 537384-033

I think I am going to go with one of the two above, what do you think?

While I should of have been studying (shh) I was contemplating about buying this adorably cute swimsuit as well. Look at it, oh my gosh, so cute! When I finally convinced myself it was worth the money, I saw that it was sold out in my size. Nooooo! Literally wishing so hard that they will put it back in stock soon.

Lastly, I’d like to talk a little about some new resolutions of mine. People who believe that new resolutions are only for New Year’s are WRONG! If you want to and if put your mind to it, you can make changes in the way you live everyday. Please remember that. For example: I just started keeping up with the Blogilates April calender instead of directly beginning with the one from January. And also look at all the new opportunities that lay ahead of me by stepping out of my comfort zones and by just start doing the things I’ve secretly always wished for! You can do that as well!

Recently, I read this article from Ella Grace Denton from weneedtolivemore.com about ‘how to change the world’. She stated some really remarkable and frankly quite shocking facts about the cruel things we do to our dear Earth. It made me aware again that we really need to start living a lot more different if we want to save the world. It even made me think about going vegan, but I feel I’m just not ready for that yet. I think I might turn vegan / vegetarian in a later stage in my life, but right now I just really need the healthy content that food like fish contains. However, it did give me some ideas for new habits to start doing, and I feel that you should do this as well:

  • Actually separate the plastic from the paper and food rests in the trash cans
  • Never forget turning the lights of anymore
  • Go by bike even more
  • Recycle more

Some other resolutions, now that I’m busy making ones already:

  • Actually be brave enough to start kick boxing/dancing
  • Meditate and/or do yoga at least once a week
  • Help my mother more often since her arm has started suffering really heavily
  • Start getting a little more serious with school…
  • Go outside more often and enjoy the new, sunny weather
  • GET A JOB!!!

I hope you liked my (not so little) update, rant, resolutions and tiny wishlist. What are you excited about this month and what is something that you’ve always wanted to do/buy? Please let me know, I love reading what you have to say. Enjoy your day and I’ll speak to you soon!