Amy Amy Amy, it was all going so well, wasn’t it? The last news I heard from you after I came to know that you died, was that you were relaxing on a bounty beach with your new boyfriend after being released from the rehab. It is very sad that you have left us so soon, we’ll never hear a new song from you ever again…

I was fourteen years old at the time and to be honest, I wasn’t all of a fan back then. Sure, I loved your well-known songs Rehab, Valerie, Back to Black and My Tears Dry On Their Own, but I was kind of held back by the whole ‘alcohol and drugs thing’. I was quite against poisoning your body with shit like that and I guess I kind of was afraid as well, so I prejudged too soon on people that were addicted to these kind of things. That’s probably the reason why I never really realised that you were one of the most talented female musicians out here, for real.

After your dead, a ‘new’ album came out called Lioness: Hidden Treasures. My mom brought it home with her in honour of your talent and for months it had been on repeat ever since. The album consisted of old material that had never made it to one of the other two albums and the first versions of songs such as Valerie. So much soul, such a powerful, unique voice, what a timing, such amazing songs: I absolutely loved every single one! And that for an album that was never even meant to come out anyways. If you listen just a little better, you can really tell you have got such a special gift for everything that has to do with music. Not only your voice, but also your choice in what and what not should be done when it comes to making the songs perfect. Whenever I listen to this album I keep it on repeat for  at least a month because I just can’t get bored of it. And that is a rarity.

But the discoveries didn’t stop. We already had your album Back to Black and Hidden Treasures at home, but we still missed your first one: Frank. But that changed when we went to Paris last summer. The first day we went there, we scrolled across a book- and cdstore that had everything for sale since it went broke. There, my stephdad picked up Frank for something like, 3 euros or so (which is of course way to cheap for the value of this little gem). Anyway, we still needed a new cd to play in the car while we’d be on the road that summer, so hey, why not right? It turned out to be one of the best decisions ever that summer.

Apparantly, you were only 19 when that album came out, yet everything on it was truly written about your own experiences. Wow, you were experienced, haha. You sounded so mature, yet very honest. Just like the previous albums, you could hear every second that you’re musicality was ON POINT. It has been on repeat all the time while we were in Paris and I still frequently listen to it on Spotify. You may not be here with us anymore, but damn, you’ve left a mark. You’ve even managed to convince new people of your talent, and that is very unique.

So. Dear Amy, I am sorry for you to have lived such a harsh life where people often have misjudged you and abused you. Even though I don’t know you personally, your music has my heart. Your truly a legend and I hope you rest in peace. Thanks for everything.

I just discovered that there has been made a documentary about Amy’s life. I’ll link the trailer below.