I was in a mood to do a tag today and whilst I was scrolling down on my dashboard on Tumblr it came to my realization that there isn’t such a thing as a “Tumblr Tag”, so I thought why not make one up myself? And that is exactly what I am going to do right now. I hope you enjoy!


1. Show a picture of your current feed

feed 11

feed 3

feed 2

2. What is your first and most recent post?

My first reblog was this picture:



And this is what my archive looked like back then. Oh my god, how white girl of me! Pretty embarrasing. I was thirteen back then, so that’s probably the reason why my whole dash consisted of Harry Styles, Starbucks, Disney and cupcakes.

3. Do you have a theme and if yes, what is it?

No, not really. I just reblog pictures that I find pretty and that fit with the rest of my colours on my blog at that moment. If I had to choose some style, it would be a bit boho, fashion minded and quite hipster-ish I guess. I mostly reblog pictures of pretty views and places, models, clothes, quotes and food haha. Sometimes I reblog something that doesn’t really match my feed, but than the caption is probably the reason why I just had to reblog it.

4. How long do you have your Tumblr?

Since July, 2012. So that’s almost three years.

5. What are your top 3 favourite posts?

Hmmm, this is absolutely such a hard choice to make. There are certainely 100 posts that I all find equally as beautiful. But because I can only chose three, I’ll just search the first ones that pop up on my feed. The chosen ones are:


tumblr_nd8x0uZQt11sn6lh9o1_500 (Hair and face goals)


6. What do you love most about Tumblr?

That everyone gets his or her chance to spill and share their creativity, their mindset and beautiful pictures and that this way everyone just can have his/her own little (idealic) world.

7. How much time do you spend on Tumblr?

Haha, maybe way too long sometimes. I used to spend like 2 hours a day on it for a period last year, but now I’ll at least be online 4 times a week or something like that.

8. Who are the top 3 favorite people you follow?

The people I reblog most from are probably: nakedly, bonus & flawhs 

9. Is there any reason for the name of your URL?

So I recently changed my name into MYSTYLEANDSTUFF, because, well, you know, haha (for those who don’t get it, because it’s the name of my blog). But before that, I used to call my blog chasing-the-stars and before that daisy-coconutxo. And I believe that I even had another url name before daisy-coconutxo, but I forgot the name, haha. To be honest, the only url that may or may not has a ‘meaning’ was chasing-thes-stars, since I keep on dreaming and striving to eventually be living the life I have always wanted to live.

I tag everyone who reads this to do this as well, spread the tag! I am super curious about your anwsers, so bring it on!

Ps: might you be interested, my tumblr-url is: mystyleandstuff.tumblr.com