Hi lovies,

it’s finally here! My What’s on my iPhone tag! I am very excited to show some specific, special apps that I am totally obsessed without. Best part about this post? Every single app I own is FREE! So if you want to know what I’ve been loving to consume my time with, keep on reading!

what´s on my iphone

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As you can see this is my homescreen. My background is a basic picture of a dark sky full of stars that I found on Tumblr. On the first page I organized everything in order of the colors of the rainbow, as you can probably tell. Here I keep my most used / essential apps. Have you noticed that I have replaced the music app in the bottom for Instagram? Yup, one of the signs that I am completely hooked (Instagram is always the first thing that I check when I wake up). Other than that, there is not much going on here. Oh, and if you’re asking what that blue app which says Magister means, it’s an app from my school.
Some of these apps are standard Apple Apps and to be honest, I never use them. So I am not going to talk about them, since I have no idea what they do, haha. The most interesting apps in this map would be Waterlogged (keeps track of how much water you drink per day and keeps you motivated) and the other three apps are all very usefull to do some yoga or meditation exercises at home (or wherever you are). I especially recommend Headspace. If you’re in a hurry or stressed out, try this out. It helps you calm down, relax, refresh and concentrate.
Best travel-app ever! It has great hotspots and tips for every city in the world, from restaurants to activities, from snorkling to mountainbiking, to luxourious hotels to the cheapest ones: everything for the most reasonable prices.
Basically a digital worldmap, yep, that’s what it is. I desperately needed this since I am really bad at geography, haha.
I LOVE THIS APP! You can learn a lot of languages such as Italian, Spanish, French and way more. This app keeps you motivated and it actually is a really effective way of learning you a new language. It is super educational, yet a very fun way to learn. It’s almost like a game! I’m totally hooked.
I think all of you know most of the apps in this map. Nu and De Volkskrant both are newspapers in Holland by the way, for those who are asking. But the app I want to talk about is called Stellar (bottom right). I recently discovered this app and it’s genius! You can scroll endlessly and admire all these little ‘stories’ consisting of pictures and texts and cute effects. It differs from recipes to trips to Italy or L.A, it doesn’t matter! All the stories are so beautifully made.
Social 2
Dropbox, WordPress, Skype and Facebook messenger may not be something new for you. But Telegram (almost the same as Whatsapp) and Happening might be. Both are social apps where you can talk to your friends and share pictures and all that jazz. I’m mostly using Happening at the moment, since it’s quite new and it also has funny plugins and other functions. You can play a ranking game with your friends, have a selfie competion and play games. So funny and time consuming!
Apple Apps I never use
The name says it all, doesn’t it? Everyone has these apps on their phone, so a further explanation won’t be needed I guess. Am I the only who doens’t do anything with all these apps at all? Well, expect for the App Store of course.
Photo Editing Map
Here are all my editing apps that I use to modify my pictures with. I don’t really use all of them, but usually I always use VSCO CAM for the basics, Filterloop if I want to add a vintage, ‘polaroid like’ lightening or effect. And lastly Squaready to add a border to the picture so that it matches my feed on Instagram. The other apps all contain funny or pretty special effects such as cute stickers or borders. Avairy and PicCandy have really cute additions like these! LINE Camera and Camera360 are typical Chinese apps that can completely transform your face. From covering up spots to making your teeth whiter, the do it all! I actually never edit a photo in those apps, but they are always handy to have when you have a tiny spot somewhere, isn’t it? BeFunky a regular editing app that has got everything you need, but doens’t have something special. I believe I never even used it, but I keep refusing to delete it. Does that sounds familiar or is that just me? I don’t know, haha.
Lastly, we have the Polaroid app. It kind of speaks for itself, it gives your pics a typical polaroid border and you could also use some lightening effects, cute!
The game I am currently playing is the hype called ‘Trivia Crack‘. Basically, here you can play against your friends or a stranger and the one who achieves all of the categories first, wins. You have got 6 different categories: Amusement (my personal favorite), Art, History, Sports, Geography and Physics. So addicting!
Dumb ways to die (2) is also a really funny (yet frustrating) app I play sometimes while I’ve got nothing to do. The others are pretty common, especially Fruit Ninja. Always a great timeconsumer. Amazing Brick can be addicting as well, but it’s rather a little plain and boring. Probably the reason why I don’t play it that often as I used to do…
Or should I say, the ‘movies and series’ map. With To Do Movies you can not only discover new movies, but also keep a movie-bucketlist. Super handy if you’re like me and always have some movies in mind that I haven’t watched yet!
Next Episode let’s you know when the next episodes of your favorite series will air and when the previous were already aired in case you missed. Quite useful to have on your mobile as well if your a serie-geek like me.
The only two apps in this ‘map’ are called Dote and United Wardrobe. With Dote, you can check if their are new items in with stores like Forever21, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, American Apperal and even more. Quite good to have, although I must admit that I barely look on it. With United Wardrobe you can sell and buy items from people all over the country. I used to do this at Depop, but that’s worldwide and I found the shipping a lot more unconvenient that sending something to someone in your own country.
I am planning on broading out this map with apps such as Forever21 and such, but I just haven’t taken the time to do that yet.
Handy 1&2
Basically the only apps that are a little interesting here are Wunderlist, an app where you can make multiple to-do lists, something which I absolutely need in my life since my head can be a huge chaos sometimes. Another ‘uncommon’ app would be Musicmatch. Here you can listen to songs with the lyrics on your screen, you can even sing along if you’d like! For the non-Dutchies here: MijnTelfort is the app of my provider and Reisplanner&9292 are apps that help with planning your train- and bus journey.
So that’s all for today! Pffff, I haven’t even talked about every single app I have and my total use of words already is 1200 and counting.
Let me know what your favorite app is, I love hearing what you have to say and maybe you simplify my life with such tips just as I hope I did with yours by mentioning some of my favorite apps above. Have a good day!