I am starting a new series, Music Monday! Every Monday I will talk about (new) music, give you some tips and more music related things, what do you think? I hope you all like this idea, please let me know if you don’t find it that exciting at all though ;)! This Monday’s post I am going to talk about two of my recent (re)discoveries; John Mayer and Ruben Hein. Both write and make very relaxing, chill, jazzy, great music with good lyrics as well. They are both so talented! So, if you’re having a lazy day, drinking a cup of tea while laying in bed or just doing nothing at all, definitely give both a listen. 

I rediscoverd John Mayer (Katy Perry’s recent boyfriend, the man who covered Beyoncés song XO and who we all know of ‘your body is a wonderland’ and ‘waiting on the world to change’) a few weeks ago. I never really, really listened to him, I only vaguely knew him of some songs that came up on the radio now and then. But man, what have I been missing out on all those years? I love almost every single song of him, what a legend. It almost seems like he has his own sort of genre, you can always really tell that the songs are by him.

Some of my favorites are Gravity, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, XO (cover), Stop This Train, Half of My Heart, Daughters and I Don’t Trust Myself With Loving You. Please don’t ask me to choose my absolute number one, because truly can’t. If I have made you interested in his music by now, than I recommend listening to this album Continuum, because this is my favorite album by him.

And then we have Ruben Hein. He is a Dutch artist, but don’t worry, he sings in English! Me and my mother recently went to watch him perform in a small theater in our town, and he stole my soul. Wow, his performance was so good. He made me realise that this kind of music still exists and that his kind of music (jazzy, soul, smooth and much more) actually is my favorite genre! Before, I mostly listened to pop, but now I have heard what ‘real’ music sounds like. Not only his piano-play was on point, his voice was as well (oh my god, one of the best voices on earth, not kidding). And I got to give some credits as well to the very neat drummer that he brought with him that day. I absolutely loved everything about the gig because you could really see how much fun they were having as well, doing what they love to do best: making music. Okay, enough talk. Some of my favorites are: That’s not life, Lazy Afternoon, Say Bye and his cover of Early Morning Rain (so precious, oh my gosh). My favorite album by him has to be Loose Fit, which I bought as a vinyl record after the gig because well, why not right?

So there you have them. My recent discoveries. Both are very similar in music taste, so that’s why I decided to combine them togheter. For more music updates, stay tuned for next Monday!