Here’s a fact almost everyone in my environment knows about me: I don’t like sporting. No me gusta los deportes, je n’aime pas les sports, Ich hasse Sport, ik hou niet van sporten. It all comes down to it. I suck at throwing and catching a ball and my condition has achieved a level of -10. I also don’t like sweating, which kind of holds back my movitivion to improve my “sporting level” as well.

But, I still had to find a way to at least keep in shape and stay healthy. So I tried a lot of things and eventually I ended up doing mostly the kind of stuff that I actually enjoyed doing!

Corazondeleon | via Tumblr

Before we start with my absolute top 3 (which mostly exist of cardio) I also want to give you another great tip when it comes down to toning and training your abs, legs, arms, booty and more. A lot of you guys might already know her, but my absolute favorite health guru is Cassy Ho, from Blogilates. Her work-outs are very effective and fun, she has a lovely and bubbly personality and ugh, she’s just amazing. Go check her out!

★ nutrition & fitness ★

Okay, so my absolute favorite way to exercise is probably dancing. I recently just bought Just Dance 2015 and I am completely hooked. I also just enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance a lot and I actually used to do ballet and streetdance when I was little, so it is save to say that I am quite fond of dancing in general. I am even thinking about joining a dancing-group again in the near future! If you also get a happy feeling when you dance (or even when you watch other people dance) just like I do, then try this! You could improvise at home, join a dancing group, buy Just Dance or just go on Youtube, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you are good at it! But I can guarantee that not only your cardioperformance and weightloss will improve if you dance daily, but your happiness will as well! So get up and move your feet, baby!

kick it

I am also reaaaally fond of (kick-)boxing! Boxing trains your whole body, you will get gorgeously toned arms and legs and just a really fit body in general. So effective! It is also a really good stress-reliever as well, I promise you. If you are in trouble with work or school, than I recommend giving this a try. You will be surprised how good you feel afterwards.

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My last work-out fav, and this one is simple yet super effective: Skip rope.

I don’t find this just as fun to do as boxing and dancing, but it actually burns a lot of fat! If you do this for about 10 minutes per day, you will be in shape before you know it!

I still have to admit that even though I love doing these sports, I don’t take the time to do them as much as I want to. I am going to try working out more this month, but right now I still am not in the position where I want to be. If I am honest, I am still not close to my bikini body because most of the time I am too lazy to get up and work out, but I am for sure that if I do this exercises, my body will be in shape asap!