Hi loves! How is/was everyone’s Sunday? Mine’s already almost over, but I know that America still has a whole day ahead. A while ago I made a playlist called: Chilling and Coffee, a list containing relaxing, acoustic and good music to get up with, lay in bed with, drink thea or coffee with or to just generally chill with. I also find myself listening to it while making my homework our just doing something in my room. To give a little impression; the list consists off artists like John Mayer (he’s my absolute favorite artist when it comes to songs like this), Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Adele, The 1975, Tori Kelly and a lot more!

Enough talk, here it is! Have a good sunday everyone.

To end it officialy, here is a little inspirational quote (okay, since it is International Womens Day, I couldn’t really choose so here are a few more than just one, hehe)