Hi loves,

a little while ago I was in Amsterdam (yep, again) I went mainly because of the Jett Rebel concert I was going to attend that evening, but of course, a girl’s gotta shop, so before that I spent the rest of the day in the city doing things like visiting boutiques, big shops like Urban Outfitters, Pull and Bear, etc. and of course I also went to the best food hotspots. If you are interested, then I won’t hold you on any longer and let’s get started!

Foto 21-02-15 11 44 58

We first of all went to De Drie Graefjes, because my mom’s birthday was the day after so we had to get some cake of course (ok, not gonna lie: we would of have gotten cake from there anyway, this time we just had a good excuse, haha). In our opinion, De Drie Graefjes has the BEST cake in the whole country, not lying! You can’t really see the cakes very well on the picture, but one of the cakes they had were Oreo-cheesecake-velvet pie, carrotcake (our favorite, especially this one!) and lemon meringue pie (which is also SO GOOD). I’m legit watermouthing as I am writing about it right now, haha.

After our order to pick up the carrotcake later on that day (otherwise we would have to drag the cake the whole day long, and that’s a no go) we went to one of our favorite lunchrooms: Vinnies! The pictures below might explain why…

Foto 21-02-15 12 14 17 Foto 21-02-15 12 19 56

Foto 21-02-15 12 20 06 Foto 21-02-15 12 56 09

Trust me, once you know what the ingredients are, you inmediately want to eat this too. As “desert” we had a glutenfree fudgy brownie with salted caramel on top, as you can see on the picture below. And oh my, this was heaven on earth, seriously.

Foto 21-02-15 15 42 31 Foto 22-02-15 23 35 22

How cute is my mom, though?

Foto 21-02-15 13 46 42 Foto 21-02-15 13 50 16

After Vinnies we took a short trip to Marqt, a healthy supermarket that is currently still only located in one city in the Netherlands: Amsterdam. To get an impression, click on the linked name in the sentence above! We bought the cute drinks from the left picture (which tasted really good btw) as well as a mini salad on the go, for if we got hungry before the concert would start. I did not photograph the salad, though. I did take a quick shot of some to-go-snacks because I found it so funny that all of these are just so healthy and fairtrade, instead of the average snacks you see while checking out.

Foto 21-02-15 14 02 11 Foto 21-02-15 14 02 18

A really cute magazine store + a super awesome vintage decorating homeware store above.Foto 21-02-15 14 36 36 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

De Noordermarkt in the left picture. Look how cute and pretty these cacti and flowers are! Why don’t they have these kind of plants where I live? Fun fact: my mother saw these really pretty branches with pink flowers on them at several showcases, and because she knew that they weren’t available in the little town where we live, she needed to take them home with her. So, since those branches were about 7dm (28 inches) we had to drag them around for the rest of the time. Not comfortable, not at all.

Foto 21-02-15 20 06 46 Foto 21-02-15 20 07 00 Foto 22-02-15 09 56 26

Yes, that’s right! These are the pictures of the Jett Rebel concert at the Heineken Music Hall. For those of you who don’t know him: He is a really talented Dutch artist who can not only sing, but also play almost every instrument on earth! (Except violin, according to an interview). He always turns his shows into a huge party and man, he has got funk, an overload of talent, rhythm, energy, creativity, a beautiful mindset and even way more. Okay, I guess I bragged enough now, but it is 100% fully true. I could go on about this concert for hours and days, but I could save you from all the details and just describe the night in one word for you: MAGICAL.

(Oh and if you wanted to know: yes, that’s him in the middelpicture, hanging above the stage with a beatle/cleopatra wig on ;))

That’s it for today! Personally, I find that this time I didn’t take that much interesting and pretty pictures as I could have, but I hope it was somehow interesting anyway. See you next time!

What exciting thing did you do lately?

Btw: this hasn’t been showed in this post, but we also visited quite a few shops like Episode, Forever 21 and way more, but I forgot to take pictures there, oops!