Hi everyone!

Today I have another Lush review for you, because well, you can never have to much Lush in your life, right? The product I am going to tell you some about is a mask made out of blueberries, camille, and soft rinsing calamine-powder. This has a purifying and calming effect on your skin (because of the healing powers of the calamine, the antioxidants of the blueberry and the soothing effect from the camille). It also is a really good remedy against pimples and rosacea (couperose in Dutch, it means red cheeks and/or visible adders in short terms). At least, that is what Lush promises, but did they really keep their promises that well?

IMG_7245    IMG_7246

My answer is one big YES. Lately I have been suffering from some acne on my face and it also seems that I have rosacea, just like my mother. After applying this to my face (waiting for 15 minutes or so) and then washing it of with lukewarm water, I immediately felt and saw a difference! It seemed like my pimples were already becoming less visible and shrimping a little and my skin felt soooo smooth and, funny but true, healthy and satisfied. I don’t know, but it felt like my face had been waiting for a time to get this healthy treatment to recover itself with or something, does that sound weird? Anyways, it did do it’s job, so I definitely recommend it. For anyone who is interested in trying it, here is what the substance looks like:

IMG_7249    IMG_7255

Do remember to try to use this as much as you can within a month or so, because all of the ingredients are organic and real (and don’t last very long).

Let me know if this review got you curious and what your favorite lush product is! I love hearing what you have to say.