Hi hi!
Sooo yet again, sorry for not being really active lately, but this time I do have a good reason, haha ;)!
Today is my last day of a heavy test-week! I had to learn for maths, history, economics and today I have had Dutch and English. I am curious of the results, fingers crossed! I do have a quite relaxed feeling about it, so no worries…

Anyways, my whole school carrier I have always felt like I was the only one who doesn’t mind test-weeks that much at all! While everyone else is complaining and stressing out, I am feeling quite optimistic, and here are the reasons why!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Pro Perk 1: You only have to go to school for just a little while

Pro Perk 2: You can finally get up later than 7am because the test starts later on the day + you are home way earlier

Pro Perk 3: No homework! Need I say more?

Pro Perk 4: Nobody bothers if you go to school in your sweatpants with bed-hair and no make-up on, everyone does it!

Pro Perk 5: You can use it as a great excuse for multiple things such as not doing the dishes (sorry mom, gotta study!), going to the gym and way more!

So, I hope next time you are a little bit happier when you hear that there is a testweek coming up! Good luck with studying and get things done girl! You can do it!