Green juices are really good for you. My mom regularly makes a healthy juice with her special ‘juicer’ (today we are just going to use a normal blender though, since not everyone has a proffesional machine like that), which I also provide from of course ;). However, when it comes down to the taste, I am not a big fan. Drinks made from carrots, kale and seldery are just not really my thing, so instead, I came up with the idea to try to turn a super healthy smoothie into a delicious, ‘drinkable’ smoothie. To see how that turned out… keep on reading!

ps: the smoothie is lactose, gluten and egg free! Completaly raw, natural and organic, using only fruits and vegables

The ingredients that we are going to use are spinach, some cucumber, coconut water and one avocado, and as for ‘sweeteners’, we are going to be using dades (yum), one banana, a little bit of organic honey and some fruit juice (like mango or raspberry). If you want to you can also add chia seeds and / or other superfood you like!

IMG_6892All of the ingredients (especially the spinach, avocado and dades) are really good for an extra energyboost and the other ingredients are also very benificial for other things which are good for your health.

I first did try to use the juicer, but that did not quite turn out the way I expected it to be (I did something wrong, still not sure what exactly). So, eventually I put everything in the blender, kinda measuring and balancing it out, and thank god, it worked!

IMG_6888 IMG_6890

This is what the smoothie looked like eventually, it’s not a juice because it’s on the thicker side (because of the avocado and the banana mainly). But, the most important question here is, was it good?!

Not only I, but also my mom tried it to see how it was, and I am glad she did, because our opinions differ quite a bit (which is really exceptional in this case by the way!).

I think it does taste a little better than a regular green smoothie, especially the dade parts were really yummie, but it had this kind of, bitter aftertaste which I did not like at all!

My mother (and also my little brother actually) did not mind this at all, and actually enjoyed it (even though they were the ones who were kind of despicing the idea of mixing these ingredients togheter)!

So, my final opinion is: Yes, this could taste better than a smoothie with only the vegables involved, but it kind of depends on your taste and also, I do feel like it doens’t match that great togheter after all. That doesn’t take away the high level of healthiness of it, though! The recipe can be tricky if you are a difficult eater, but if you are more on the ‘yolo, healthfreak’ side of life, than definately give this a try!

IMG_6893  IMG_6894

What is your favorite smoothie recipe? Let me know!