Hi loves!

I am absolutely fond of traveling. Discovering new places, hotspots, learning new habits from the locals, getting to know more people, making memories, experiencing unusual things, eating new food, I love it all! I don’t really get the change to travel a lot because I am still in high school, but that doesn’t keep me away from planning every single country, city or even island I would like to go to in a few years! I do already know two countries I will be visiting this year: Greece and Italy. I am already beyond excited; every single day I think at least twice about going there, the outfits I will be wearing and the instagram pictures I’d love to capture there (a little crazy, I know). But since I do have to wait quite a while before that’ll happen, I decided to make a little list of ten magical places I think everyone should visit (at least) once in their lives… here we go!

trees.city     Natural Beauty ~ ★

Ps: all of these images are from Tumblr, but it was really hard to find the source. Anyways, the credits do not belong to me in any way! 😉

1. New York


Ah, what I’d do just to go to New York one day… (A LOT!). Even if it’s just to catch the special vibe that seems to be hanging there, or sitting on a rooftop, overlooking the city… what a view.

2. Venice

I’ve been here before, but I am dying to go back there! It is so beautiful, authentic and special.

3. Bali

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This is just one of the amazing pools they have there, oh god, so pretty, just like paradise!

4. Dubai

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Okay, what is up with all these celebs going to Dubai lately? Well, it kinda makes sense. This city also seems really breathtaking and you just gotta love the contrast from lake to city, marvellous!

5. Japan

Moss Bridges, Ireland

The nature in Japan is unbelievable magical. The forests, the pink trees, the lakes, I would even live in a forest like that, not kidding.

6. Sydney

enhanced-buzz-wide-6165-1413168529-11.jpg (990×557)

Wow, just, wow. What more can I say? When is the soonest flight?

7. Paris

I’ve also been to Paris already (a couple of times), but everytime I keep discovering new things. There is just something about this city, so classical and pretty.

8. London

» La ragazza con la testa tra le nuvole « | via Tumblr

Yet again, I have been to London already (last year), but there is still so much left to discover there. I am absolutely in love with it. I actually really want to study there, so… maybe I’ll return in two years… who knows?

9. Greece

The beauty of Greece is undescribable. The only thing I can say is that I CAN’T WAIT TO GO TO KOS OMGOMGOMG!

10. Haiti


I never felt that attracted to Haiti because I didn’t know much about it, but woah. Just like the picture above, Haiti has some really beautiful spots. I am actually really curious about Haiti at the moment, I have a feeling it has a lot of unknown places like this… or am I wrong?

Well, I hope you liked this short list of some of the places that are on top of my list on visiting right now. If you’d like a sequel with more specific and less popular (yet beautiful) cities or countries, leave me a comment!

What city or country would you really want to go to (asap)?