Hi loves,

a few days ago I went to my capital, a.k.a Amsterdam. I went together with my mom, yes, you read that right. She is actually really up-to-date with the latest food-trends, cool shops, hip places and new fashion trends! So of course I had to bring her with me, she just gets me on those levels, haha. I hope this post shows you some new hotspots, or if you have never been in Amsterdam, gives you an insight of what it is like there. I could never be bored in this city, there is so much to do. So here’s what we have visited within a little less than 7 hours…

Foto 03-01-15 13 22 57

The first street we went to is the Haarlemmerstraat. In this side of Amsterdam, which is the North-East, you can find a lot of cute boutiques and healthy, delicious food-tents. We first went to Vinnies Deli Food, which is one of those amazing food-places. We only went there to have some coffee at first, but I can already hint you that we went back later ;). The place is really vintage-like, cozy and cute and the food is so good (and really healthy!!). The coffee also wasn’t bad at all either (it was super good)! It is quite a small place, but that kind of fits the whole ambiance in my opinion.

Foto 03-01-15 11 41 45 (Coffee time!!!)

After that, we went to this shop called Suhka. Here you can find not only clothes there, but also decorations, bags, cute little poems and more. The store is really white which makes it light and spatial, with some african elements added to it here and there (if I am right). I bought the parka (or actually, my mom got it for me) that I am wearing in the ‘outfit of the day’ picture below. It was love at first sight, I swear. Fun story: I actually had forgotten my bag at Vinnies, which I immediately found out just the second after I made the decision of getting the parka. So the lady who worked there said: Honey, run as fast as you can, we’ll deal the rest, just get that bag! She cut the price-tag off really quickly and there I was, running to the exit of the store, on the street, passing all these people. When I arrived at Vinnies, the guy behind the counter jokingly said: “Oh, so you went back without your mom because you wanted to lunch here so badly, didn’t you?”. (Little did he know we were actually planning on coming back later that day). But no, I came here to pick up my bag. “Is my bag still in here perhaps?” And thankfully, yes, it was

.Foto 03-01-15 12 31 37 (What the store looks like on the outside)

Well, after that incident, we visited some other shops like Stach, which sells supersupersuper yummy and (yep, again) healthy stuff (think: chocolate bars, marshmellows made out of coconut and other ingredients, oat and spelt cookies with pineapple, etc.)

Foto 03-01-15 12 24 48Foto 03-01-15 12 25 07Foto 03-01-15 12 25 58Foto 03-01-15 12 24 53(A little overview, sorry for the bad quality, I took them pretty fast, hehe)

Yum! You can probably imagine that we have gotten really hungry by now, so we went back to Vinnies and yes, we had lunch there.

This is what I got: bread with sauce made out of black beans (which tasted really good, actually!) topped with coriander, avocado (hallelujah, there’s my holy food), rucola and lime. My mom had a bookwheit-pie topped with cream and lime. That also tasted really good!

Foto 03-01-15 12 54 16 (Her’s on the left, mine on the right)

IMG_6513 (The menu is completely in English, how kind of them)

After having reloaded our energy, we first of all had a little ‘ootd photosession’. This was my outfit for the day:

Foto 03-01-15 13 21 12 Foto 03-01-15 13 21 53

Foto 03-01-15 13 25 09 Foto 03-01-15 13 25 07

(momma taking a quick selfie)

Okay, before the post get’s way to long I will just sum up everything we’ve been to after: De 9 straatjes (The 9 streets) because they always have really interesting and unique stores there. We also went to the famous Vintage store called Episode (which has tons and tons of denim jackets, shorts, sweaters, shoes, bags and way more). Then we went to the more ‘common stores’ which are settled on the Kalverstraat. We’ve visited Urban Outfitters, Monki, River Island, Lush and more. The last thing we went to was ‘De drie Graefjes’ (or actually, we went there twice), where we both got this huge and DELICIOUS lemon-meringue pie, oh my! This was so good, I immediately felt so stuffed after having eaten it though. We have also bought some other cake (red velvet, carrot cake, lemon-applepie and another merinque-lemon one) to bring home with us, like we usually do. De Drie Graefjes literally has the best cake I have ever tasted in my entire life, not kidding!

Foto 03-01-15 15 21 40 Foto 03-01-15 15 21 48 (HEAVEN)

Foto 03-01-15 17 16 40 (Shameless mirror-selfie in the Urban)

After this exhausting (ahum) day we eventually went back home, but before that we took a short trip to the Starbucks (because I insisted, of course). How basic, I know, but I had to, okay?

IMG_6384 (How white girl can you get, right?)

Because we were still so full of the meringuepie, we picked up some sushi on the road and ate it at home. And yes, I guess I was in a selfie mood today, because I also took another one with the sushi)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset   FullSizeRender (3)

So, I hope you liked this (not so short) summary of my day in Amsterdam. I am looking forward to visiting again soon and finding new streets and places there :).

Let me know if this post gave you some new tips and tell me, have you ever been in Amsterdam? If so, what part of it do you like most?