Happy new year everyone, let’s bring it on!


I hope you all are going to experience a very exciting, happy, suprising and glorious 2015 and I wish you may all make more friends, memories, do whatever you want and deserve everything what you’ve worked for! Maybe you are about to stop drinking or start working out more, whatever. That’s good, it is good to improve your life and to do things that make you proud of yourself. But, remember these two things:

1. It is okay if you won’t succeed directly

Definitaly do not expect January 1st to go flawless: you need to adjust to your new habits or routine and it is almost inhuman to be able to do everything directly perfect. Don’t think: “Oh shit, it is the first day of the new year and I already ate something that’s stuffed with carbs and sugars. Well, screw it. If not now, than I might as well give up already!”

NO! It is completely okay if you have some downfalls here and there, especially in the beginning (and especially when there is still so much good food left to eat from the party of course). Just take the time, you’ll get there!

2. You can start making a change every day

People tend to think that January 1st is the only date to change their way of living. No, it is not! You can start making yourself more happier right now, every single day! Don’t give up if January 1st didn’t go as planned, tomorrow a new attempt, right? Every morning there’s another chance for you, another day to live, another day to accomplish new things and discover, explore and have fun!

I hope this little ‘motivation/inspiration/wisdom-rant’ helped you start working on your goals and begin the new year in a promising good way!

And don’t worry, even though things won’t be easy sometimes, you can get there! Because if not today, why tomorrow?

What are your resolutions?