I decided to do this tag today since I believe it’s a good thing for you guys to know a bit more about the girl behind this blog! Prepare yourself, some facts are awkward, weird an quirky, but hey, everyone has these things! I wrote them down on purpose, because it makes it way more fun to read, am I right? Well, lets get started!

1. I almost died one time when I was 4 years old because a car drove backwards and I landed under the car since I couldn’t push my bike on      the troitoir on time!
2. 15 is my lucky number
3. My favorite colors are turquoise, purple, creamy white and coral pink
4. I pretty much believe in ghosts
5. I have a stepbrother and stephsister, a half sister and a “real” brother
6. I’ve moved 6 times! (with my dad included)
7. I think sloths are awesome
8. I was a huge fan of Harry Potter when I was younger (and I’m still dissapointed there is no such thing as Hogwarts in real life, haha)
9. I always try out new icecream flavours but my all time favs are yoghurt-blueberry, oreo-cookies & mango
9.5 The weirdest flavores I’ve ever tasted are violet, basilicum, lemon and rose
10. I love the smell of wheels from bicycles and cars
11. I’m not afraid of spiders
12. When I get tickled really hard there’s a big change that I’ll pee my pants
13. I started my blog more than a year ago but never did anything with it
14. When I was younger Zac Efron, Justin Bieber (big regret), Taylor Launter and Harry styles were my celeb crushes
15. I don’t really like my name because nobody from foreign countries can prenounce it right
16. I’m not really good at sports and I don’t have a particular sport I’m ‘outstanding’ at, that’s why I’ve tried a lot of sports like: karate, judo, horse riding, street dance, ballet, etc.
17. I think I’ve got a sort of ‘Facebook foby’
18. I’m addicted to series (especially PLL, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Modern Family, New Girl and The Originals)
19. My woman crush would probably be Ariana grande or Emma Watson
20. I love Amy Winehouse, she is SO talented!!!
21. Im afraid of death
22. I don’t get why there’s war in the world
23. My favorite fruits are pineapple, mango, blueberry, watermelon, blueberry, etc etc etc.
24. I have a thing for tinted boys in suits I believe
25. I’m really goofy and pretty messy, and often so dreamy and inaccurate that I have dumb comments sometimes
26. I want to speak fluently Italian, I even took Spanish lessons for it on my school since that was the language that was the most similar
27. I have pretty small ears
28. One of favorite songs is PDA by John legend
29. People always think I died my hair (even when i was little) because its a rare color: maroonbrown
30. I’m tumblr and food obsessed (my favorite unhealthy cravings are macarons, ice cream, froyo, pizza, lasagna and donuts)
31. I’ve had Instagram since the start but there was a long time when I never posted something (but was always online)
32. I love everything Italian: from the food to the boys there
33. A lot of people think I’m not Dutch but Spanish instead
34. If I’m comfortable around you I can get really weird, even without alcohol (I don’t need it to get crazy, haha)
35. I think I was born in the wrong century sometimes
36. I can rap all these songs (fluently): superbass, fancy and thrift shop
37. I’m always the ‘inbetweener’ and I’m really indecisive. This applies from my outfits to friends
38. I must admit that I’m quite shy and insecure (but I’m working on it)
39. People mostly estimate me 2+ years older than I actually am
40. I always used to get so excited when grocery shopping because of all the yummie food I saw there
41. I’ll never stop loving Disney movies. My favorites are Peter Pan, the emperors new groove, the little mermaid, beauty and the beast but basically everything
42. I really want to live in a different country or city one day. I can’t choose between Italy, London, Los Angeles, New York, maybe Paris or / and Amsterdam.
43. I find the tails of rats very disgusting
44. I never cried while watching the Titanic but I always used to cry at movies with animals included like Dumbo, Marly and Me, The Lion King, Bambi and more
45. I find the English-Indian accent sooo hilarious
46. I want to produce a movie one day / design my own home
47. My favorite job everr would be something that has to do with music or television
48. I’ve pretty much turned into a ‘healthfreak’ since like 5 months or so
49. I’ve had French on school for like 4/5 years now and I still barely understand a thing they say
50. I hit puberty at a pretty early age and I used to be so ashamed of it. I never was a ‘rebel’ teen though.
Ugh, that was a lot of crazy stuff (and a lot of writing)!
What is a funny fact about yourself / do you have anything in common?